Our world is full of creativity, especially when it comes to tech and gadgets. Many of these gadgets take off without a hitch, mainly because they were fulfilling a need at the time.

Others seem to fall through the cracks when it comes to how they’re received by consumers. This can happen for a multitude of reasons, such as they simply aren’t hyped up enough prior to their launch or don’t have the funding to back up the build or design of the product.

The gadgets we’ve never heard of are the ones that end up being the most interesting, though. Check out some of the most mind-blowing gadgets most of us have never heard of:

5Air to Fuel

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This tech company in the UK, Air Fuel Synthesis, has created this process of extracting CO2 from our atmosphere. Once the CO2 is captured from the air, it is then mixed with hydrogen and a catalyst to create fuels like methanol, diesel fuel, and petrol.

Critics have pointed out that this process would still release toxins into the air. In response, the company claims the amount of toxins it would release is comparable to those released by factories that make beer and bread. The process still hasn’t gained much traction.


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