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Technology- past, present, and future.

Since the moment humankind discovered that they could transform a stick into a life-sustaining object that could more accurately and successfully hunt for them, technology has been a constant in our ever-evolving world.  Since then technology has spearheaded the way we grow, communicate, and survive.  There is no doubt that the progression of technology has helped define the evolution of our culture and the world.


As we know today technology often comes with its own set of challenges, but also limitless benefits.  Some would say that technology has enabled children to rely more on their tablets than parents, but it has also allowed families that were once separated by thousands of miles to be in the same room together.


Perhaps the most powerful impact technology has is on our future- more specifically our belief that there can be a better future.  Impossible is no longer an option.  It has opened the door of true innovation, where just about anything you can imagine, you can create. In order to optimize the future of technology we need to understand and appreciate its past history, present applications, and future innovation.


TechDigg was created to assemble and make that information available to you right at your fingertips. So no matter what your view on technology is, you can see the progression of its impact on yourself and those around you. Whatever you believe, technology of the past, present, and future has affected you. The more you understand that impact the more you can decide what you want to do with it.