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“Supermoon” this close not seen since 1948

This Monday, November 14th will be quite the breathtaking sight for avid sky-watchers as the moon, dubbed “supermoon”, will be at its closest point...

Africa now has its domain name .Africa domain

Africa now has its domain name, despite Sub-Saharan Africa having the lowest rates if internet penetration in the world The unique web address, .Africa domain,...


Man lives with heart in backpack for 17 months: Will tech...

Healthy Goals: playing basketball without your heart! Technology is progressing so aggressively that we are on the verge of substituting our most important body organs,...

Teens Invent Breast Cancer Detection Gadget From Simple Google Search

The Internet, an open, almost free encyclopedia, awash with never-stop-filling content and information from the volume of a bottomless jar. Too wordy and romantic,...


LG Android Phones Challenge Apple iPhone for Smartphone Market Share

With the growing market demands, there is a great competition among smart phone vendors. Almost everyone is confused when selecting a smart phone from...

The Innovation of Tech and Bone Conduction into Consumer Electronics

I always find it interesting when a classic story or character’s origin will get a reboot to either satisfy a different direction that society...

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