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The Holographic Principle: Is it Real or Unreal? 

Our universe is full of wonder and mystery. With advances in technology and science, we are always finding out new information about ourselves, our...

This is why we can’t just shoot our garbage into Space

Reduce, reuse, recycle or send it to space! On the face value of shuttling waste to space will definitely be a tidy response to...


3 wearable devices designed to keep women safe

Angus McGywer was a popular television show in the 80s, where they used a variety of tools to help Mcgywer and his friends escape from...

Argus Bionic Eye is Restoring Sight to The Blind

Nearly as long as there has been the capacity for mass publishing, there have been examples of people using fiction to explore the possibilities...


LG Android Phones Challenge Apple iPhone for Smartphone Market Share

With the growing market demands, there is a great competition among smart phone vendors. Almost everyone is confused when selecting a smart phone from...

The Innovation of Tech and Bone Conduction into Consumer Electronics

I always find it interesting when a classic story or character’s origin will get a reboot to either satisfy a different direction that society...

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