It’s been a great year for Garmin and what better way to show it than almost 30% off their flagship watch, the Forerunner? At Just under $180, I think this is one you want to take a close look at. Especially, if you’ve been thinking about bringing your gadgets on the go to track your vitals, all the while enjoying the great outdoors.


In a sea of health watch options, the Garmin Forerunner is no slouch. It can provide you your own custom workout routine, monitor your vitals and even provide recommendations on how to improve your workout. I think what’s most impressive, is how easy it is to you. It takes less than 10 minutes to setup out of the box.



Garmin has made a monumental shift for the once “GPS” focused company. They have leveraged their extensive GPS technology to build some of the best performing health accessories on the market. Plus, who can’t resist the color line up? Black, Green, and Purple.


Amazon Links: Black | Green | Purple




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