Before we delve deep into the topic, let’s explain what holographic technology is all about. You must have heard the term hologram; this is a physical structure with abilities to diffract light into images. A hologram can both be the material encoded or the image that results from encoding any material.

A holographic image is visible when you shine a laser through a hologram projecting the image on a screen or you look into any printed holographic image that has been illuminated.

Virtual reality is becoming a reality

Let’s focus on the topic now. With virtual reality becoming all the rage, will holographic technology be the next in line? Will we actually be talking to holograms? Well to be honest, virtual reality has certainly changed how gigs are conducted. The availability of smaller, lighter and faster equipment has made it possible for us to view 3D videos and also photo realistic graphics generated on the computer. Virtual reality has also become more affordable and it isn’t a surprise anymore that augmented reality and digital holographic technology is just round the corner. What’s more is the fact that very soon these will be used as a means to engage socially and to entertains as well.

Check out the news regarding the latest developments for holographic technology and you will be surprised to know that Samsung is already working for its next generation television which would be based on holographic technology. The 3D televisions weren’t a big success with the consumers as it required them to wear 3D glasses while watching TV, the holographic television is being expected to be a big hit considering it will deliver a higher picture quality and television experience as compared to 3D and also eliminate the need for the 3D glasses.

Virtual Reality and… smartphones?


And that’s not it, the tech world is abuzz with the news that hologram technology will soon be coming to smart phones as well. If word circulating around is to be believed, then you and I will soon have mixed reality a combination of VR, 3D and holographic technology on our smart phones allowing us to make dimensional calls on our smart phones.  Yes, say bye to Face Time. With holographic technology coming to phones, you will be able to see a 3D image of your caller that will leap out right at you from your smart phone. Now this is something incredible. Imagine how you will feel when you will be able to project a 3D imagine of your caller into space at a certain distance from your smart phone. This will certainly change the way communication is held over smart phone these days.

Overall, we could be talking to holograms sooner than you think

So in short, holographic technology, that seemed an idea of the future, is now just round the corner. Advances and studies are under construction and a few companies, Samsung included, have already filed for patents to use holographic technology in their latest gadgets and devices.

So be ready and keep your fingers crossed. Who knows what we will be bombarded with next. At the pace technology is developing I certainly hope to have real food delivered to us right from a picture in no seconds. Now that’s what I would call real advancement!!!




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