“New year, new me!”. Exactly how many times have you heard this cliché being repeated over and over and over again? Countless times, I bet! These claims seldom bring any change in people, but there is one thing that surely changes with time: technology. With passing time, advancements in technology have begun to arrive at an exponential rate, progress being made in the field that sometimes seems surreal.

With 2016 having passed by like a fleeting moment and 2017 on our heads already, it is that time of the year again where we begin to gather a list of technological products that must be kept in the forefront of your mind as you step into the New Year. As of yet, there have been several announcements regarding new gadgets that are set to be released in the upcoming year, so we have highlighted the 3 top tech products that everyone should be looking forward to and getting excited about for the New Year!

Here is a closer look at TechDigg’s top tech products



Fitness gadgets have been particularly popular in the recent years, the craze having swept the world. Fitness gadgets have brought a high level of feasibility to an average person’s life. It rids them of having to worry about going to the physician or having a plethora of machinery and gear at home in order to keep updated on how their body is doing. With fitness gadgets, you get to have a simple, portable device which can track and store everything you do in one place.


Such gadgets keep getting new upgrades every other day. But the one soon-to-be-released product that has caught our eye is the smart belt: Welt. It looks just like any ordinary belt made of leather, albeit quite stylish. But what is so special about it that it deserves a place here? The Welt does much more than simply serve its obvious purpose. It is a fitness guide and tracker all-in-one in the form of a concealable belt.

Welt is a great companion if you are looking to lose weight and carry on a path of fitness and well-being in terms of health. It measures your waist size, it counts the steps you have taken, it even records the amount of time that you have spent sitting or not participating in any physical activity. The Welt keeps recording your health status overtime and uses algorithms to send them to a companion app that you can download and use to view graphs and records. This can help you analyze where you are lacking and where you must make improvements in order to keep up with a healthier lifestyle. The application will help you out with that as well, providing appropriate solutions and suggestions.

The Welt has a micro USB port located on the buckle through which you can download and view all of your recorded data by attaching a cable. Simple as that! With the Welt, you do not have to worry about visible gadgets or fitness trackers that are difficult to carry. Since the company has finally achieved their Kickstarter goal, the product is predicted to be available from the January of 2017.



This one is a bit weird, but only because it is surreal! Who thought you could be making and taking calls by putting a finger to your ear by February 2017? Doing so is soon going to be a possibility. The SGNL Smartwatch uses the principles of physics to produce technological magic that is ought to make the simple, boring task of making phone calls that much more interesting.

The Smartwatch is actually an LED strap or wristband that you attach to your watch. Then you connect it to your smartphone through Bluetooth after having downloaded the companion application. When one receives a call or makes it, a process present on the wristband produces vibrations which travel through the bones resulting in one gaining the ability to hear sound through their finger. A microphone located inside the bracelet transmits your voice to the listener.

Nothing speaks privacy more like the SNGL Smartwatch does. There are no chances of anyone hearing your conversation with the sound travelling up your bones to your ear.



The New Year won’t be a new year without some new Apple tech. Well, that’s no problem as the launch of the Apple iPad Pro has been pushed to early 2017.

While we don’t yet know what exactly Apple has got planned for their new iPads, a few guesses have been made which have us getting quite excited already.

The camera will be upgraded and improved over the last iPad. Faster and much more efficient display tech are going to see the iPad Pro 2 sitting above its predecessors with better and smoother graphics. Another new feature to be added will be True Tone which will give the new iPad to adjust its screen colors relative to the environment.

One of the things that have been circulating quite a bit is Apple’s stylus called the Apple Pencil. It is being said that the new iPads are being built so they are compatible to be used with the Apple Pencil if the user wishes to use one.

Other than these exciting tech products, there are several others that are lined up to finally see the light of the day in the upcoming year. 2017 will certainly be interesting in this aspect.









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