When shopping for presents, most people are pretty easy to buy for.  However, everyone has that one person in their life that seems to have everything already. Finding them something cool and unique can often be very difficult unless you are shopping a specific gift shop that offers unique ideas. But, then there is the price of said unique items.  That is why, our Digg Deal of the day is a combination of both unique and a bargain!

Get a pair of dancing water speakers! These unique speakers brings a spectacular, LED light show that can be seen from all 360 degrees.  To top it off, four different LED lights are sure to mesmerize anyone watching the dancing water. They are super simple to set up and boasts a 3.5mm audio jack connection as well. The height of the fountain spray will increase with the volume of the music and will move with the beat of the song. Get yours from Amazon while supplies last!

Amazon Link: SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers




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