The newest generation of MacBook Pro is here.  The question is, was the 2016 Macbook Pro worth the wait? This 13-inch notebook computer can do things that it would have seemed impossible for laptop computers to do just a few years ago. It is the smallest and lightest MacBook Pro yet, but its battery lasts an impressive long time between charging sessions, and its speakers produce a much bigger sound than you would expect to come from a machine so small that you can carry it in a tote bag-style purse.

How much will I need to fork out?

The basic MacBook Pro costs $1,499.00, but for just $300 more, you can get the MacBook Pro with a touch bar, which is much more sophisticated than the touch pad found on the basic MacBook Pro and many other laptops on the market these days.  Some users find that the touch bar makes it easy to edit video more quickly and using fewer keystrokes (and engaging fewer fingers at a time) than a traditional laptop touch pad.  By this logic, the new MacBook Pro really does live up to its “pro” reputation.

Without the touch bar, the basic $1,499 MacBook Pro has left lots of Mac users unimpressed. Some reviewers complain that the new MacBook Pro contains few substantial improvements over the previous generation, which was released just a little more than a year ago in 2015, or for that matter, than the 2013 version (

Living up to Apple’s well-known aesthetics

Everyone seems to agree that, true to Steve Jobs’ vision of aesthetically appealing devices, the new MacBook Pro is a beauty, especially in its elegant space gray incarnation (  (It speaks volumes that no one describes space gray, the color or its name, as futuristic.  The time when almost everyone has a computer that doesn’t even weigh down their backpack is now.)  The reviewers are also in agreement that images look great displayed on the computer’s screen. Some reviewers are disappointed that the new MacBook Pro has fewer ports than previous models; the $1,499 model has only two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and the SD card slot is entirely absent from the new model.

Final Thoughts


In our opinion, the 2016 MacBook Pro makes video content look and sound great, and it is an incredibly powerful computer for its size and weight. Mac computers are always of excellent quality and last for years, though, so if $1,499 seems like too much to spend on a laptop computer, you can get something very similar by buying one of the older MacBook Pro models.


The MacBook Pro is available today on Amazon:

13.3-inch MacBook Pro




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