Christmas is on its way and there is going to be a long wish list ready for everyone. But here is the big news and maybe saddening for everyone also. All the best gadgets that you might be in need of or planning to buy are likely to be sold out ALREADY! Yes you heard me right. Telegraph has been the source to announce this sad news all around. Here is the list hard to find tech products including gaming consoles, tablets and other gadgets that may no longer be available or difficult to find this holiday season.

Hudl Tablet

maxresdefaultOne of the sold out items is the very famous Hudl Tablet. You might be lucky to grab it online but you obviously need to be aware of the scammers. eBay has a few listings, but the offerings are at a premium

Play Station 4


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This is the saddest news of all: Play Station 4 is going to be sold out before Christmas and it has become increasingly difficult to purchase online with stock quantities going in and out.

Nexus 7 Tablet

Google Nexus 7 tablet

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As per predictions this might sell out till Christmas arrives. If you are thinking about picking up this coveted tablet, don’t wait! It is accessible in Play Store but there is a rare chance that this will stay long.

Xbox One


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According to the stats, Xbox might not be in your hands by Christmas season. Grab it now if you want to gift it to your son or daughter.

Onagofly Nano Drone


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This drone is super cute to look at and works great as well. The entire drone lover population might he saddened by the news that it is going to be sold out really soon before Christmas hits. Catch it if you want to NOW!

Livestream Mevo


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This amazing technological gadget came in April and if you were waiting for its price to go low by the holiday season; you will be stunned that it is almost sold out now!

Sensor Wake


Alarm clock which gives out the scent of your own choice, such as coffee, will make you want to rush out of bed each morning! But you might not get it in the Christmas season guys.

Apple iPad Mini 2


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Just like many of the tablets on this list, the Apple iPad Mini 2 is no different! The stock levels are fluctuating wildly on Amazon and you never know if you will catch it in or out of stock!

Parrot Disco


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This is amazing as it is an airplane looking drone which allows your camera to fly all around theroom. This drone like airplane is likely to be sold out before the holidays begin.

LG Signature Refrigerator


This refrigerator with an auto door is bliss in everyone’s life. Its sensors do the job! But if you have been waiting for the holiday season to grab it, you may find it heartbreaking that this is may already be sold out.

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