Technology is bliss. It has made our lives so much easier that we simply cannot imagine it. From tools and gadgets that can help us live luxuriously indoors, technology has not left us alone in the outdoor world even. It has created ease for us at every step. If you are an adventurous soul then you might need to grab some information on the 2016 best outdoor gadgets and we have provided that to you, right here. Here are the 5 best outdoor gadgets of the year that you must have if you love hiking, camping or going out on adventures.

1. Sun Rocket Sunlight

This amazing gadget gives you the power to boil water anywhere you are with the help of sunlight only. Yes, you don’t need a gas or electricity connection for it anymore. This is not just great to fulfil your eating or drinking needs but it can be your savior in injury times as well. You can sterilize stuff when you get into some minor or major injury while going up hiking or camping.


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2. X-1 Surge Contact Waterproof Headset


Hiking lovers will definitely want to grab this one right out of their monitor screens. Having waterproof headsets is such an important thing for travelers. It is nothing but a life savior for music lovers or people who need to have something going on in the background while they enjoy nature and climb mountains. You can now listen to your favorite playlist or eBook while you hike with ease.


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3. Life Straw Personal Water Filter

What if your hiking plans take an unexpected course and you are stuck somewhere? You are out of water and you are damn thirsty. This incredible invention allows you to drink water from puddles excluding the risks that usually come along with it. Time Magazine Invention of the Year award has been won by Life Straw. It comes with a microbiological purification filter and doesn’t cost much despite the amazing idea and efforts that have gone into making it.


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4. Bio Lite Camp Stove

If you are an adventurous soul then you might know that such souls can lead to survival situations. Until you have a phone which is charged and has signals coming, you are quite out of the survival situation. Being able to call for help directly is a lifesaving and changing game. Bio Lite Camp Stove is not just a stove but is also a charger. It generates power from the burning biomass.



5. Nemo Hilo Pressure Shower

If you are planning to go for camping then are you planning to stink to death till you come back? With this pressure shower, you will actually be able to shower in the weirdest places. You just need to fill the bag with water and step on it a few times to build pressure in it and you can take a quick shower quite easily. If you want warm water then you can leave the bag under sun for some time.



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