Lunar Smart Sleep comes with a promise of improving your sleep

Xiaomi, which is a Chinese technology, is behind the innovation of this gadget. The launch of Lunar has been officially announced and tells a lot by the “good dreams” that the users can have by using this gadget.

This device works with the help of WiFi where an app is designed through which Lunar works. The app is designed for Android and IOS both. The Lunar Smart Sleep intelligently analyzes a user’s sleep patter by measuring their sleep duration and quality and periodically sending reports back to the mobile app.

You will need to enter some information on your sleeping patterns where the information will be automatically combined with the gadget on its own. The rest of the task is for Lunar to perform. You are actually done ‘working’ once you have entered the required information in the application.

lunar smart sleep

Some cool features


Lunar Smart Sleep is not only going to help you set your sleeping patterns right and make your dreams come back to life, it will also offer you expert tips on how you can enhance your habits that improve your sleep and resting patterns through it’s featured Triple sound button. Thus, it won’t leave you to rely on the gadget completely. You will be learn from this gadget by utilizing the tips it provides so that you don’t get addicted to Lunar. It’s not just advice you will be getting with Lunar, it is going to make sleeping much more fun! It is certainly going to beat down your insomnia.


Lunar offers songs from the companies’ database of 20 million songs that help relax your mind and get you out of insomnia. Usually you are not able to sleep at night when your mind is fighting your demons or you are thinking of something miserable. However, these songs will certainly help you forget all those worldly anxieties and step outside of your insomnia. They are going to boost your relaxing hormones and make you fall asleep easily.

Final thoughts

You don’t have to reload the device even. Shocked, aren’t you? Lunar comes with a battery timing of three months and does not require a reload before that.

If you are interested in buying Lunar Smart Sleep, then you can grab it online at Xiaomi official website. It will be available in markets by January 2017 at a cost of as low as $10.

It is said that Lunar does not emit waves or radiations which are harmful for humans, so you can be rest assured that this tiny sensor is safe to sleep with under your pillow.




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