Arccos Golf is a famous golf product which has received a lot of ratings since it first launched. However, Arccos 360 is also here now, which is the latest version of this product. Yes, it has been updated now and we believe it is the ultimate golf gadget of 2016. People who know about Arccos Golf are obviously too excited for this upgradation.

If you want to track every incredible shot of yours in the golf club, then nothing beats the Arccos 360 in this context. Arccos 360 tracking system is built with the purpose of tracking every shot you take. It gives you all the analytics that you need about every round of your game. This upgraded version comes with a GPS range finder. This aids in getting information about the distances to the center, back and front to the green.

Let’s talk sensors

Let’s talk about the sensors of Arccos 360. It has a putter sensor and 13 regular sensors. You need to put each of these sensors in your club and you just need to pair it with your phone via Bluetooth or the sound waves frequency.

Why connect it with your phone, right? Throughout your round, the Arccos 360 tracking system will stay paired with your phone’s GPS and the sensors will keep sending all the information to the app in your smartphone. Yes, you will need to download the app of this tracking system and no worries, it is totally free.arccos-golf-970x0


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How this ultimate golf gadget works

So it is as simple as this; when you hit your first shot, the app will detect it. And when you take your second shot, it will take the data from it to evaluate your first shot. Thus, this is how this simply amazing and unique tracking system gadget works for your love of golf.

Now the next thing to mention here is that WHAT does Arccos 360 track? What things can it track? Here is a list of the things this gadget can track for you in each round you take:

  1. Distances of each shot
  2. Ups and downs of your shot
  3. Average drive of each shot
  4. Longest drive of each shot
  5. The percentage of green hits and the green hits that you miss
  6. The percentage of fairway hits and the ones that you miss
  7. Sand saves
  8. Average distances

Everything that comes out of Arccos is actually sleek and smart. From the packaging, to the design and the features; everything is simply on fleek. You cannot pinpoint any feature and term it as “inappropriate” in Arccos 360. If you found the sensors of previous Arccos too big, then this upgradation will do the job for you. Grab it now golf lovers and track your progress throughout the game!

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