If Apple is really building an electric car, what does this mean for Tesla? Is there room in the market for both Tesla and Apple cars? 

Rumors becoming more clear about future Apple cars

The rumors of the iCar are on the verge. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is accelerating on the efforts of the innovation of an electric car. They further say that this car is most probably going to take over Tesla as its shipping date is reportedly decided to be as soon as 2019. Looks like Apple is in a real hurry. It is indisputable that the idea of an iCar is really exciting, but the questions arising are still unanswered which hold great importance in deciding whether the iCar will be worth it or not. Or even if it will be able to launch in 2019 OR NOT and whether the iCar will be able to rival Tesla!

The news of an electric car from Apple has been on the verge since 2015. The iCar project has been named “Titan”, or at least the Wall Journal has reported so repeatedly. The reports further stated that there are hundreds of workers who have been assigned to the project of iCar.

Lots of changes coming down the pipe for

Apple recently wrote a letter to the US transport regulators, which is additional proof that iCar is being worked on. There were several rumors that stated that Apple is not working on the electric car any longer but this letter has cleared them all. We all heard Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) pointing at the motoring focus during the Q4 results this year which left us with another hint that the work on iPhone is in flow. Thirdly, there are rumors that Apple has hired some engineers from Blackberry for their iCar project in Canada. And let’s just not forget this BIG HINT; Apple is in talks of buying the McLaren. It is heard that Apple plans to buy the maker of McLaren but a lot of beans have not been spilled about this rumor ad of yet yet. However, it looks like Apple is up to something really big when it comes to their electric car and the investment seems to be heavy also.


Apple plans to bring in some radical changes in the car industry and how the cars are being built and looked upon. Their goal is to sell half a million cars per year which is a lot more than Tesla’s vision. Are they even going to reach it? That question remains a big one until the iCar is launched in 2019 and people start buying it. It is also planning to bring in huge design changes along with the car. However, the project has been facing three launching dates; 2019, 2021 and 2026. When will we see this car appear on roads? This again remains a question as Apple does not comment on iCar to date. That is for us to find out and let you know whenever Apple Inc. makes a move or comment on their “Titan” iCar project.




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