When we talk about clothes, we make sure that their design is wonderful. Likewise, when we talk about the interior of our room, design holds a crucial point. Design is the core of all things. Even while selecting a book to read, majority goes with the design of the cover.

Similarly, when you plan to start a blog or a company online, your website is all about the layout and its design. If it is able to attract customers then you have some chances to stay in the game and fight till the end. A good website design is all about clearance. It should attract the eye of the visitor and should speak of what it is offering. So here is a list of some simple yet innovative website design programs for blogging that are rolling in the online world.

1. Thrive Solo:

This website design brings in clarity with white and bold font. This makes the audience see what the webpage owner is offering. The digitally illustrated images add spark to this design and makes it look incredible. The static menu is another feature which allows this design to stand out.

2. CycleMon:

CycleMon looks one of the easiest and simple web designs but in real, it is too technical to handle. It gives you the ability to utilize a lot of pages with just scrolling through. When the background changes according to pages, the bikes on the pages also change accordingly.

3.The Drawing Room:


If you have a slow internet connection, then maybe you won’t like this much and that is totally an issue with you. This site has a unique way of displaying images and they can take a little time to load but it is certainly worth it. You will love the design in all, once it has loaded completely. The drawing room website design is simple unique and innovative.

4. Strange Love:

If you love simplicity, then this web design is definitely for you and your website. It is an easy to navigate design and gives off a relaxing feeling in all. The menu bar on the top is as easy as anything and takes the website quite naturally. You don’t have to struggle through it at all. It’s all open in front of you. Simplicity works and that tagline suits this design perfectly.


Wacom brings in a simple layout which makes going through the website really easy. You can flow through the webpage with utter ease. The menu and interface are user-friendly which make it fall into the most simple yet unique web designs. It is a perfect combination of simple features and busy content! Try this one out and make your website appear incredible for the visitors.

Final thoughts about choosing a website design for blogging

Picking a choosing a website design for blogging should be simple and easy to use. We hope that you find our top picks helpful so you can more simply follow your dream of entering the online world of blogging.




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