The now, very well funded collapsable and portable monitor will be over in a little less than three days on Kickstarter. The Spontaneous Pop-up Display, coined SPUD, has literally knocked their campaign out of the park by receiving over $650k over their original $33k pledge. It’s obvious that the maker of SPUD, Arovia, has really innovated a product that has never been developed before and is solving a real problem that people have. Being able to have a large, crisp monitor while traveling, without all the bulk of course.

How does SPUD work?

SPUD is a highly innovative “pop up” monitor that will collapse like an umbrella and become as small as a book to popping out with a single push to become a 24-inch display. This is the perfect little ‘monitor’ for anyone on the go, traveling for work, or a person without a permanent office. It can also be used for entertainment purposes, like watching movies or something to bring along with you while camping.




When SPUD is expanded, it uses custom optics combined with high tech DLP technology to produce a clean and crisp image that one desires in their monitor. The SPUD promises a clear and bright contrast, regardless of lighting conditions and also comes with a brightness adjustment to brighten or darken the picture depending on your particular circumstances. It also boasts a resolution of 1280×720 pixels.


The design

The screen is extremely durable and will not break, unlike glass screens. SPUD uses a flexible polymer and can be washed if it gets dirty. You can’t say the same thing for your more traditional monitor as something as simple as cleaning it with the wrong chemical can damage your expensive screen.

It provides 4x more screen area than a 13-inch laptop screen and is about the size of a large desk monitor. It can be used on any device that supports an HDMI connection, such as your smartphone or streaming device.

Final thoughts on this portable monitor

This is an extremely well rounded, innovative device. It solves a real world problem and contains all of the functionality of a permanent monitor into a collapsible device that weighs no more than 2 pounds. It’s well built, provides a quality picture, and is very portable. We give kudos to Arovia who has designed this and will be bring it to fruition.




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