Do you wish for a notebook that lasts a lifetime? Have you ever imagined a notebook that can be reused over and over again? Above all, how about getting a notebook that is cloud computed? Stunned, aren’t you? It’s not magic at all. It is happening for real with the Everlast Notebook, created by Rocketbook. With this notebook, fun is never going to end… ever!

This is not a notebook installed in your laptop; but a physical book that brings you the page and pen experience. But even then, it is promising to offer you the digital fashion. This notebook is all about 21st century. With the traditional feel, it comes with high end technology installed in it. It is linked with all of your best cloud computing services. How it works is the major question, right?

How does the Everlast Notebook work?

You write on the notebook with the pen provided with it and it will be identical to the way your normal notebook does. When you are done, it will appear everlasting but once you add a drop of the water to the notebook; everything vanishes. The next question arises that if the notes get erased, how do they stay stored? The Everlast notebook is linked with the Rocketbook App which saves your notes to Google Drive or whatever drive you choose, before they vanish from the notebook forever. And they are organized perfectly as well. So you see how it works according to a well-defined system?rocketbook_everlast_reusable_smart_notebook_3

So it is easy: create, scan and erase

The Ever last Notebook is accessible in two basic sizes; letter size and executive size. The letter size is 8.5 x 11 inches and consists of 32 pages. The executive size is 6 x 8 inches and has 36 pages. The paper of the notebook is composed of synthetic blend paper and it is binded with durable polythene. They have made it as close to paper as a digital device can possibly make it. They claim that it does not have the feel of a dry erase board, as some have wondered.



The concept of the Ever Last Notebook resembles that of a white blackboard but it is not. You can utilize any pen from the Frixion Line and they are available in all colors and types online and in market as well. The pen you write with on the notebook is also normal (nothing is special about it as well). The real magic lies in the page. The company has worked together with the paper experts to get the synthetic polyester for creating pages that could be wiped off quite easily even when you write with a Frixion ball point pen. You just need to write like you are writing on your normal notebook, with the same feel and the rest job is for the app and the digital technology to do with.


The Everlast notebook is raising money on Kickstarter and has surpassed its pledge of $26,000 by $310,000 with one month left to go! The notebook is scheduled to deliver in April 2017.





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