The title is a dream come true for all the smartphone lovers and people who cannot get out of their house to a gym. Technology is surprising us everyday with new and innovative ideas on how to get people movie, and when it comes to going to the gym – I mean, who has time for that anyway? That’s where Stealth comes in. This company has created a product and app that will help you get ripped abs by playing games on your smartphone and bringing the workout to you.

Stealth helps you get ripped abs by playing games

If crunches are too boring for you, then Stealth will make it all easier for you. Stealth is a video game integrated core trainer and it is the very first one of its kind. Your body changes into a joystick. You control the game on your smartphone while performing some core training body movements. It actually gets pretty fun to doing exercises or should I say that it doesn’t feel like you are working out?


Working out with Stealth is as easy as brushing your teeth and you will definitely take time for it along the day on your very own. Yes, it is addictive. The games that Stealth offers will make you twist, turn and do some high core movements without realizing it due to the entertainment aspect of it. You will indulge in the game and your body will do the movements for you, to bring the perfectly ripped abs! Doesn’t that sound just perfect for the lazy people out there or the ones who love to play games?


How to get started

So how do you get started with Stealth? It is quite simple. You will be directed to download the app for Stealth gaming. Then, you will have to place your smartphone in the place that has been appointed for it by the game. Next, you just need to get into the plank position and start playing. And while you play, the movement’s essential for your abs will take place on their own. It is certainly not an over exaggeration if we say that you are totally going to forget the fact that you are even working out.

The product is finally gathering attention and there is a lot of buzz happening about it. The features that it has to offer are certainly magnetizing and it is the very first product to offer this. So if you are in utter need of abs and a perfect tummy, but you are too busy or lazy to step outside to the gym; bring this amazing product home and enjoy!

Watch this video to see how it works:




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