Although Huawei has not been famed in the Smartphone making department, this China base company is one of the best manufacturers of the device. So much so that in the two times they have had a flash -sale for their limited edition devices, they sold out in less than 20 seconds. Not even Apple has achieved this fit yet. Many of their phones are only released in China. But after the company started creating so many innovative devices, they have quickly and aggressively been extending into the international market.

They have three flagship phones in the P- series, Mate-series and Honor-series generations all being released simultaneously. The Honor has underperformed in comparison to its counterpart, but Huawei hopes that the release of this new phone will change that.

Again, no other company has three flagship phones running concurrently. Only Samsung has both Note and S flagships running at the same time. Even they are one device short of equaling Huawei. The company is so confident that they released a statement saying they will surpass both Apple and Samsung in three years.

With such an in-demand device, leaking of its features is always springing up. With the release date so close, many tech enthusiasts hope that the rumors may be closer to the actual device’s features.huawei-honor-magic-4-840x473

Huawei Honor Magic: New toy


Honor magic Bazel-less is the new kid on the Huawei block. The bezel-less concept has been running rampant in the phone market. These are phones that do not have a home button with almost the entire front face being glass.

The Honor Magic rumored features

From the leaked picture it appears that the phone will have a double curved edge. This is also a rumored feature of the Samsung s8. It seems Huawei beat Samsung in this department. It appears that it will be braze-less a feature that seems adopted by many Asian making companies.

The Huawei Honor Magic will also have a fingerprint scanner. With no visible button, it is unclear where this button will be placed. The rumor is it will be on the screen. The phone will detect the fingerprint with the owner touching anywhere along the glass surface. In the past, this has created a problem with phone processing unauthorized commands.

Another significant observation from the leaked photo of the Honor Magic is that the body glass ratio will be incredibly small. That is almost the entire front side of the home will be made of glass. Suffice making the phone sleeker the phone appears to be more fragile. But rumors have it that Huawei foresees this problem and have formulated a harder glass to ensure it is not as fragile.

Many Chinese tech blogs are suggesting that the phone will have an internal memory of 256 GB rivaling iPhone and Samsung in offering storage. But if the rumor is true, then the Honor Magic Battery life will be extremely long, predicted to be 18 to 20 hours.


Farfetched features rumors

With glass covering most of the phone, there is an unlikely rumor that the phone will lack both a camera and internal speakers. This is backed by such little information leaking about these features. But these are such an essential and fundamental smartphone concept it is hard to understand how the company would leave them out. The rumor is that the two components will be connected with some kind of module.




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