Valet Anywhere app allows you to lead a hassle-free life while someone else is taking care of your car. This first monthly parking spot comes where you are, picks up your car, and later returns it to the place where you are. From monthly parking to filling gas, car washing, and its maintenance, the service takes care of all the things making your car-owing experience in the city an enjoyable one.


Why it is a life savior

Long-term city parking hasn’t improved over the years. You may have to spend as much as $561/ per month and still suffer the pain of parking several blocks away at the ‘nearest’ garage. With this service, you have the full privilege of urban car ownership while getting rid of all the nuisances and hassles.

You can drop your car on a Friday and then have it ready for the weekend. Many car owners are ready to even pay premium for this kind of service but thankfully, Valet Anywhere app is less costly than your local garage.


It could soon be the default, go-to garage for car owners who spent a whopping $4.8 billion on parking last year, in the US.

Why we like the Valet Anywhere app

It has solved a problem we all were facing. It has come as a savior for urban residents facing car parking issues. The Valet Anywhere app will rake in $1,300 profit every year, on every car, but it’s still considered a cheaper option as compared to choosing traditional monthly parking spots.


Once it gains experience in New York, it can easily expand its operations in other parts of the country and henceforth.

Pretty soon, Valet Anywhere app can also go in the domain of using unused cars. These cars can be rented to Uber drivers. These people will bear some expenses of the car such as storage, gas, and cleaning.

How it works

In the traditional setting, if you wish to go on a weekend plan after work, you would hire a cab. It would come tearing its way through traffic and empty on gas.

However, with Valet Anywhere, your car would be brought to you, freshly washed and fully fueled in as little a time as 30 minutes. This is totally unbeatable and a must-try service.

So, are you ready to get rid of car parking hassles?!




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