Traditionally, the only way to know which clubs were ‘banging’ was through poster advertisements, word of mouth or middlemen. But this can be difficult especially in big cities. Discotech helps you locate a club that is suited to what you are looking for.  This app allows club owners to create events and share them with club goers. The club scene has continued to grow exponentially suffice it being a very old.  The entertainment industry is currently estimated to be worth $26 billion in the US.

How Discotech works

The app was founded in 2012 by three University of California-Berkeley alumni who got tired of always hearing about a club too late. The three are attempting to use Discotech to eliminate the promoters from the entertainment scene. Promoters gobble up a lot of money and do not guarantee a large turnout. The app gives the club owners a direct link to their customers while saving money in promotion as well.


Once the app is installed, the user has direct access to around 65,000 bars and clubs in the United States alone, and that is just over a year in operation. The entertainment menu of each institution is displayed on different days of the week, including their price lists of the food and drinks on offer. The application also offers a rating system to see what other people thought of the place. A rating system in any scenario always ensures that the management brings their ‘A’ game for maximum customer certification. This also assists potential customers to make informed choices and select the entertainment that best suits them and their pockets.

Figures and statistics


With only a year in operation, Discotech has managed to enlist 65,000 clubs and bars and 64,000 users. With no promoters, business turnover has increased considerably. According to Ian Chen CEO, DISCOTECH Clubs have experienced 50% in client growth, client commissions have also gone up by 10-15%, bringing in an extra $300,000 over the same period. Discotech has helped club owners follow customers’ preferences and adjust accordingly. They can also anticipate the exact volumes of business coming their way, on a given night and prepare accordingly.

“We’re taking nightlife from promoters and putting it back in the hands of club owners and their avid customers,” said Ian Chen CEO, DISCOTECH. “It’s a win-win scenario for both customers and clubs who are now finally able to track their guests and aren’t losing money to dispersed middlemen.”

The growth forecast looks promising as well. It is expected that customer numbers will go up three times the current volumes in the next year.

What makes the Discotech company one to watch

The high growth rates as seen since the inception of Discotech, are first and foremost attributed to the sidelining of promoters. Since starting operations, Discotech has concentrated a lot on growth and innovation to get as many Clubs and bar owners in the fastest time possible. From there, they turned to party goers and provided a one-stop shop, all under one roof option, which was currently unavailable. Discotech thus became an instant hit and a pioneer on the entertainment scene.

All the hustle and relentless marketing have finally borne fruit. And by overlooking promoters whose abilities were limited and input overpriced, Disotech created an entirely new concept in uncharted waters, and it is a win-win situation for bar and club owners and the customers.




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