In online writing there is a common saying that states, “Content speaks louder than words.” Effective advertising is all about the visibility of a product or service so that it can generate interest and sales. Typical radio and TV commercials have been around for too long and are slowly losing their appeal and reach in this digital age. Imprint advertising is a new concept that is trying to change the way commercials are done, as well as getting people to take their time, and view the ads so as to generate business. Impressions are critical and Imprint advertising through its social media platform, is trying to attract as much attention as possible to the ads placed on its forum.

Advertising statistics with Imprint advertising

In a study conducted recently by the company stated that, Imprint advertisements had ten times more impact than the traditional conventional media generated commercials. In addition, users on their platform spent more time on average engaging in each of the placed ads; that is 80-160 seconds compared to only 15 seconds of the normal ads. There has also been a 50-80% higher view-ability metrics performance, on message recalls, brand retentions, and click-throughs.

Since its inception, Imprint has had over 220 million unique users. It has made over $1 million in revenue with an additional $300 thousand already booked,1000 new content publishers, 12,000 new pieces of content generated by not less than a thousand words and a projected revenue of $100 million by the end of this year.

This has attracted some of the world’s leading brands to the Imprint fold, including Disney World, ESPN, Amazon and Techstars among a host of others.

Content Marketing


The advertising world is slowly shifting to more content based adverts, leaving the highly visual ones behind. This is because the compelling content is like a magnet, and attracts the kind of crowd that is likely to spend their cash on a product with good content. Imprint provides the content in its media forum that not only stands out but blends in as well, bolstering sales and image.

The cost of digital marketing is not as prohibitive in comparison to the mainstream media generated ads. They are way much lower and any business, despite its size, can comfortably advertise regularly. Quality is usually associated with high costs, but at Imprint, quality comes at an affordable price. Imprint also offers the user to be a part of making the ad or alternatively make use its innovative team of artists and designers to generate a suitable ad that meets the client’s requirements.

How Imprint ads work

Once an ad is created, it is injected into the Sidelines Content Platform, which attracts up 30,000 users per day, and automatically adapts to the page it has been placed on. Imprint makes certain that there is no disruption when it comes to reading the primary content and the ad on the page. The two become one. And that makes all the difference in the user engagement.

Every ad is scrutinized to check its target audience, how its impact will be optimized and even the geographical location of its target audience, and then it is placed for maximum effect.




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