The kissing gadget was developed for long distance lovers. While a couple can communicate through numerous avenues, a real kiss is impossible. This strange device is called the Kissenger, which is a short-form combination taken from the words ‘kiss’ and ‘messenger.’

It is a new addition to the already growing market of gadgets that help couples make long distance relationships a bit easier but is the first kissing machine. Others have been developed but have different roles like holding hands, having pillow talk as well as sharing some sexy time. These are like; the hug shirt, vibease, Mojowijo, Love palz, pillow talk, Pair, Taion Heart and now more recently, Kissenger.

Kissenger design

Designed as a brightly colored plastic that allows one to place each of the couples’ lips on it, the kissing gadget fits at the bottom of any smartphone and transmits that kissing sensation across the phone to the other couple wherever in the world they may be. The Kissenger is not only for couples in an intimate relationship, but parents can also send their child kisses in case they are far away. A kiss on the cheek can also be made possible by this new gadget if your child feels they have outgrown ones on the lips.

How the kissing gadget works


Actuators and pressure sensors are fitted on the Kissenger and actualize the kiss sensation from one partner to the other. When the couple locks their lips on the plastic pad placed at the bottom of the phone, the kiss is recreated on the receiving device and enables the receiver to get the exact feeling of a real kiss. This is with the help of an app that also doubles up as a video calling app.

The developers of Kissenger admit that it is still in its infancy stages and there are a few shortcomings that will be improved in future versions. For example, the plastic device that one places a kiss is not lip-shaped, although the actuators are, and there is still no provision for the tongue which is also an essential ingredient of an actual kiss.

The developers also point out that machine based touching of long distance couples is the way to go in the future and are optimistic people will eventually get used to the idea. Also, they have given an assurance that the Kissenger is not being employed in inappropriate ways by its users.

According to one of the developers Emma Yhann Zhang, “Kissing is the most direct and universal way of intimacy and affection. It’s a way to bond and maintain intimacy in our relationships”.

What next for the Kissenger

Emma also assures that the next version of the Kissenger is already in progress and the current version of the gadget is a job that took around two years with tests being done mostly in University labs.

The next version of the Kissenger will have more added features, the kissing sensation will be enhanced, and plans are underway to include the scent of the partner sending the kiss.




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