For tech gurus the notion of building their own PC is quite exhilarating. The decision to build your PC or take it to an expert can be a daunting one, and can also involve a lot of factors. The primary consideration is usually cost as a qualified technician does not come cheap. Another reason one would want to build their PC is that a user can personalize it to their specific taste and in the custom casing you want. You can add additional changes or new additions to the PC. How to build a PC does not need to be difficult or given to a technician to build.

Apart from the costs and flexibility issues, building one’s PC from scratch gives the user a boost of confidence and makes it easier to troubleshoot in case a problem occurs as the user knows each and every part of the PC.  It gives the user complete control.


The first step on how to build a PC is to research. A user needs to know what components to buy, where they can be purchased and also compare prices. There is no shortage of sites on the Internet where this valuable information can be accessed.


From live video tutorials on YouTube to places like Microsoft, life hacker or PC mag among many others.  Once the research is done, and the user knows exactly what they need, it will be time to buy the components which are the most time-consuming part of the building process. The guiding factor in this aspect should be the tasks you need the PC to accomplish, to serve your needs. That, in turn, will lead to buying the specific components to achieve the laid down task.

Best places to shop online

The most comprehensive sites for shopping and research are reputable sites like Amazon, which has a wide array of components in almost every category of PCs coupled with one of the most powerful search engines, which will narrow down the user’s search to specifics. Other sites include,,, to mention just a few.

Components essential to make your own PC

The components should include the processor, motherboard, memory (RAM), storage, power supplies and a protective case. It should be noted that these are only the basics and each component depends on the duties the user has decided to allocate the PC.

The assembly and how to build a PC

Once the part is accomplished, the next part is assembling them, and developing the PC from the parts bought. Preferably follow YouTube tutorial, these offer videos that show the step by step process of installing PC components, for almost every makes on the market. If it is for reading instructions, the user can turn to sites such as,,, and hundreds of other locations available. These tutorials cover every component, where it fits, what it does, how it works and the best way to fit it in place. To the point where it’s time to power on the PC, which is the final stage of the PC building process.

With the advent of the internet tasks that were considered complicated and challenging have now been made a lot easier with the various guides available and numerous video tutorials.




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