Many products and inventions are available but are not that well known, especially if they are invented by small companies or by individuals. That does not mean they are not relevant.

Some have better quality than present products but are not well marketed or branded. Most are simply ingenious and unrivaled, while others are outright outrageous. But all in all, they do deserve some if not a lot of mention. Here is TechDigg’s list of cool inventions that actually exist.

The cardboard bicycle

The cardboard bicycle, invented by Izhar Ghafni and a partner is a great piece of invention. It is made of 100% cardboard and is waterproof and fireproof. Izhar invented it for the not well- to- do who are in the third world and intends to mass produce it at a ridiculously low price so that it is affordable to many.

Biolite camp stove

The Biolite camp stove is a cooking item for people who love camping. No matter how many propane canisters a camper carries, they never seem to be enough. It is also bulky to carry around so many cylinders. For this stove though, all you need to power it up are twigs and small branches and one is sorted. The stove produces electricity as well.


BirkSun solar panels

BirkSun solar panels can be carried around and are designed as light and waterproof backpacks. The bags are equipped with USB ports and one can charge all types of devices while on the go.

LeChal shoes

LeChal shoes are smart shoes. They are equipped with an application that uses Google maps and once the wearer logs in their destination, the shoes will vibrate to show where to turn and generally guide the wearer’s direction.

Senz stormproof umbrella

In the event it is raining hard and also windy while one is out there with an umbrella, most of the time the umbrella gives in due to the powerful winds and is rendered useless. The Senz Stormproof umbrella was invented to rescue this situation. It can withstand winds of up to 600+ mph.

The invisible helmet

The invisible helmet was invented after ladies complained of helmets messing up their hair every time they wore one. The helmet is invisible and worn around the neck. In case of an accident, it inflates and covers the head like a hood. The helmet is fitted with sensors that monitor the cyclist’s movements. It is triggered by abnormal movements and that is when it inflates automatically. It is charged via a USB cable.

Gorilla specs

Gorillas do not like direct eye contact, and become aggressive when looked at straight in the eye. After a woman was attacked by a runaway Gorilla, the Rotterdam Zoo in conjunction with a local health insurance company invented the Gorilla specs. They make the wearer look like he is looking the other way, this prevents a Gorilla attack.

Alcohol aware ice cubes

After suffering a blackout while on a drinking spree Dhairya Dand, a student, invented the alcohol aware ice cubes which warn a drinker when the alcohol consumed, becomes too much. An accelerometer tracks the number of times a glass is lifted to a drinkers lips, and the LED fitted cubes light up green on the first drink, yellow as a warning alcohol levels are getting high and red as a stop drinking warning.




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