Eyes are perhaps one of the most sensitive organs to detect a defect. The varying degree of the error makes it even more difficult

It is now easier to do a simple eye test in the event you suspect to have eyesight issues. Currently, the only place one can do this is at the opticians. But as new technology takes shape each day, so does the do-it –yourself things that we could not do earlier. A visit to the opticians is not a cheap one, even if it was just for a simple eye test, and that is where and why EyeQue comes in. It provides technology that enables a user to do a simple eye test in the comfort of your home, gets results and a prescription that one can use to order for glasses.

How to do your own eye exam with EyeQue

The EyeQue vision tracker consists of a mini scope and a mobile phone application- myEyeQue app, which can be downloaded for free on Google play store and is compatible with Android or Apple phones. The mini-scope is made up of several lenses that have the ability to give the user their eyes refractive errors known in just a few minutes. This technology is known as the refractive concept and was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

How Testing Is Done

First, the user removes the protective film that is on the mini scope and attaches it to the phone and then one launches the myEyeQue app.


Secondly, the user then looks into the mini scope and relaxes their eyes. At this point, two overlapping lines appear on the screen, and the user is then required to tap the phone buttons as instructed by the app. This is the actual test.

Thirdly, after each test, the user is required to rotate the eyepiece to enable each measurement to be recorded and stored.  This then store the processed readings on the apps Eye Cloud technology and can be retrieved whenever required from the user’s smartphone or computer.

This also allows the user to track their eyesight progress over time and with the readings, which are sent in spherical, cylindrical and axis figures exactly the way opticians do it, the information can be shared with ones’ doctor, and the user can order for corrective glasses from online retailers.

How EyeQue was created

The EyeQue was patented and developed by Tibor Laczay and John Serri and a team of engineers. This innovation has received rave reviews and a host of awards, including the 2017 Best CES Innovation Award for fitness, sports, and biotech products and was a finalist at Photonics 2017 Prism Awards, Category of Biomedical Instrumentation.  Numbers never lie, and according to a scientific study that was done, only 30% of Americans have had their eyesight checked in the past one year, and 63% of Americans require corrective vision. That means that many Americans go on about their daily lives while their eyes are not 100 percent.

The future of this technology

In Africa, many cannot afford the services of an ophthalmologist and are therefore resigned to their fate when it comes to seeking eye services.

The American figures and the African story were behind the motivation to develop EyeQue so that everybody can have affordable eye testing services at the convenience of their home.




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