Science and traditional knowledge explain that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This fundamental principle coupled with both Einstein equation on special relativity equation which states that light is the fastest moving thing in the universe. And quantum mechanics helped English physicist Paul Dirac create an equation that balances out the energy.

He was fast reluctant to share his discovery. For a good reason, his comparison suggested that there was anti-energy. Power is assumed to be positive as it has a visible outcome. But he stuck to his guns and won a Nobel Prize for his science.

What physicist Paul Dirac had actually discovered

Dirac had actually discovered anti-energy, also known as ‘dark energy‘. NASA has for a long time known the equidistance of this element but proving its existence has been difficult. It is so rare in the galaxy that many thought it would stay a theory. But this should be the case. The theory states for every atom, electron for matter, there is an equal and opposite anti-atom and anti-electron. This would result in equal parts of matter and antimatter. When matter and anti-energy collide, they cancel each other out resulting in nothing. Think negative one plus one; the answer would be zero; nothing.

How scientists explain the absence of anti-energy

The accepted theory in the science community is that during the formation of the universe, somehow the matter created became more than the anti-energy. During the colliding of the two masses, the incineration caused the depletion of almost all the anti-energy and left only the matter as we know it.


The other theory which many seem to adjust better to is that there is a whole section of the universe accumulated with anti-energy. This region is not explored, or we do not have the right equipment to detect it.

Man made anti-energy aka dark energy

But scientists discovered a way to create their own anti-energy. This will make it the perfect avenue to study this elusive mass.

But it’s hard enough to create energy, so how on earth do they expect to build anti-energy, the reverse of power?

NASA gave an explanation that is stranger than fiction. The agency explains first they blast heavy hydrogen atom’s isotopes with more than three protons with an anti-proton beam. The hydrogen isotope pellets would then be bashed against a layer of uranium. All the elements in this procedure would explode and disappear, in essence creating anti-energy.

But many institutions used different techniques to create the anti-energy

  • CERN is a highly controversial company that has actually built an anti-energy chamber that expels the energy
  • ACE studies the biological effects of the matter
  • ASACUSA uses antiproton helium to explore the various effects

But it is quite clear to see what all these companies have in common; they are all trying to make it into a practical source of energy.

How can it become a source of energy and what next?

When forming anti-energy, a lot of force is released during the animation of particles. In theory, if harnessed it would create the perfect fuel.

But it currently cost about $100 million to produce a single gram of anti-energy, not exactly economical. But still with such potentials, scientists are hard at work. NASA insists that for this to even be considered, the production cost must drop by a factor of 10,000.




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