Technology is accelerating today and as it flies by and 2017 beckons, we have gathered a few interesting facts about technology that have occurred throughout the past couple of decades.

EBAY started out as a website for gear advice about EBOLA!

Yes, after the website ventured into an online bargain business, it registered the area Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, and Coupons in 1995 and had altered sections like the one for a biotech startup, biking and claimed shopping, etc. (but not for online auction). That time, an area allegedly dedicated to ebola advice also existed, accouterment links and abstracts about the baleful virus.

The awning of TIME Annual in 1982 showed a COMPUTER!

Every year, TIME annual would showcase the person or breakthrough of the year in an appearance in the awning of the magazine. However, in the year 1982, the annual instead chose to showcase the ‘apparatus’ of the year and showed a computer on its cover.

PayPal Mafia

What do the companies LinkedIn, SpaceX, Youtube and Yelp have in common? They were all founded by the original advisers and developers of Paypal, who are collectively known as the ‘Paypal Mafia’. Some associates of this ‘mafia’ include Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman that have all gone on to become billionaires.

3D Printing was invented in the 1980’s


3D printing was actually invented in the mid-1980’s and is not a modern invention as many may believe. Inventor, Charles Hull, created a 3D Printer using the stereolithography technique. This technique was very expensive, and machines would cost minimum $100,000.

Project Premonition is an activity by Microsoft

This project aims to collect data about possible infectious diseases before they become a problem. Project Premonition makes the use of drones to collect data and samples from the environment to try and predict disease spread and to plan proactive responses.

Tomnod is a website committed to identifying objects and places in digital images

This is a project owned by a Colorado-based satellite company, DigitalGlobe, that uses crowdsourcing to identify object and places in satellite images. In 2014, this website was down for 2 days due to 100k visitors per minute that wanted to analyze the absent Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Braigo is a braille printer created by a 13 year old boy

Braigo stands for Braille-lego, and uses a Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit that brings down the cost of printing brail from $1900 to $350. This young inventor has been recognized and published in Popular Science, US News, Readers Digest, and NBC.


This device will help you to sell your smartphone on the spot by locating potential buyers. This machine rates the condition and current value on the market for the model of smartphone you are trying to sell. If Eco ATM finds a buyer for you, it gives you cash on the spot.

Wireless charging

A startup called UBeam says its device sends very quick vibrations through the air, converting the energy it produces into electricity, and then charging your device wirelessly.

Tasting the light

This is a pair of sunglasses for the visually impaired that aims to partially restore their sight by relying on nerves on the tongue’s surface to send light signals to the brain. Within 15 minutes of using the device, the visually impaired can begin interpreting spatial information.

As technology accelerates we will be able to figure out how best we can manage the world while retaining our humanity intact. The years ahead will be fun!




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