Bringing a cat into your home can be a gratifying experience. You do need to take time to take good care of your cat, and making sure he is fed well is very important. Until now, it has been difficult for cat owners to ensure their feline friend is getting an adequate amount of nutritious food.

However, Catspad and the creators behind it have begun to fill that void. This smart cat food dispenser is purrrfect for the cat owner who is always on-the-go, but understands the importance of their pet’s dietary needs.

Developing Catspad

Catspad is the result of a caring pet owner, an innovative engineer, and a vacation gone awry. While on vacation, friends Julie and Brice left Julie’s cat, Mozart, with a friend to care for him. Sadly, Mozart got sick, forcing Julie and Brice to come home early to care for him. Brice, obsessed with technology, began to brainstorm ways for pet owners to car for their animals while they’re away without worry.

Thus, the idea of developing Catspad was born. By using technology, the two creators were able to invent a device for all cat owners to keep their pets healthy, safe, and interactive while they are away.


There’s also an app for that. The Catspad App helps the device separate itself from its competition. Through water and food level notifications, personalized programs for your pet, pet identification through microchips or tag, and reporting statistics, the Catspad gives you everything you need in the palm of your hand while you’re away from home.

According to catspad’s Kickstarter page, Catspad has surpassed their goal of $31,579 by over $20,000.

How It Works

By connecting to Wi-Fi via the Catspad App, the dome-shaped food and water dispenser can be automated during certain times of the day. You can arrange food deliveries by weight with sensors in the food bowl that detect how much kibble is available.

You can also monitor how much water is left over after each day that is still clean enough fro your pet to use the next day. Catspad holds up to 60 ounces (approx. 5 cups) of dry food, and about 8 liters (approx. 2 gallons) of water. If you keep an eye on the water supply and check the food delivery to make sure it is adequate, a cat can survive up to one month on its own according to the company.

Is Catspad Right For Me and My Pet?

If you are constantly on-the-go and you want to leave your home without worrying about your pet, Catspad is ideal. If you rely on technology and the idea of controlling the feeder from your personal device is something you want, Catspad is a great choice.

Keep in mind, though, nothing will ever be as satisfying for you or your pet as your personal touch. While the Catspad is a game-changer for the times when you’re gone, it’s not a replacement for you. Keep this in mind when you return, and be sure to show him he’s special.




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