Now, this is a first. Studies and experiments do take various forms and shapes. The latest research by NASA proves this. Weed, marijuana, Ganja, pot are some of the names that are used for this controversial substance that has now been legalized in 28 States across America.

It is used for recreation, as well as, for its medicinal value and has been in use for centuries with evidence pointing at the Scythians who lived in ancient Ethiopia as the very first users. Bongs over 2400 years old have been found around Eastern Africa to assert this theory.

Research has shown weed has medicinal properties that can cure glaucoma, control epileptic seizures, stop cancer spread, decrease anxiety and many other health benefits.

Purposes of the NASA weed Research

NASA is paying volunteers $18,000 to essentially lay in bed and smoke weed. The main aim of NASA’s research entails getting volunteers to smoke different kinds of weed and be in bed for about 70 days to assess the possibilities of preserving astronauts who are on long space missions and see if it will have a positive impact, on their general health and safety. The study also intends to explore how bed rest, which is the best way to simulate travel through zero gravity, will affect astronauts’ muscles, whether there will be a strain or will they will be relaxed.


How the research will be done

The aim of the study is divided into three parts to achieve the following:

  • Understand how a changing psychology of an astronaut, after smoking weed, may affect the process of certain missions
  • Understanding the impact of an astronauts psychological state on the ability to perform particular tasks
  • Countermeasures to combat any impairment that the psychological changes may bring about


Volunteers will be divided into two groups; one that exercises regularly and one that remains dormant, and the study is supposed to last between 97-105 days.

The first 13 days will see volunteers in both groups allowed to move freely inside their bed facilities. After that period is over, both teams will be put to bed for the next 70 days and only to move out of bed when medical tests are required, which will involve checking the condition of the heart, muscles, nutritional state and the nervous system.

Does this suggest weed is harmless?

Weed has caused exactly zero deaths in 2015 suffice it being banned and outlawed. On the other hand alcohol has caused 88,000 deaths in 2015. So why all the animosity against weed? Marijuana may have many problems but it appears that the government and the scientific community may be starting to see the advantages.

Marijuana: The only answer to space conditions

The emotional and psychological effects are strenuous. Conditions for the study will be done at minus six degrees. The weightlessness one feels does incredible things to ones’ body, especially when your head is placed lower than your body. The feet will not get enough blood, the vestibular system will change, body fluids will take a different direction, one cannot burp, breathing is through masks and tubes only, sometimes your saliva can choke you among other things.

Getting volunteers will not be easy, but eventually, the research will be done, and people, especially the adventurous kind will step forward and make the exercise a success.




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