The first snowboard built in 1964 by a young surfing enthusiast Sherman Poppen. He bolted two kids’ skis together with a 1.2-meter plastic plank and rode it on the ice. Snowboards have evolved in significant ways since then. They have become a major part of winter sports and a significant tourist attraction to many countries beyond the tropics.

Technology in other sports

Like every invention, change is inevitable. With the snowboard and other sport,s there has been a harsh reaction to the sport’s evolution many believing that the ‘old is gold’. Take soccer for instance, a sport that has seen significant implementation of tech in the resistance years after almost a decade of resistance. Soccer now has both goal line technology and drone cameras to monitor the action.

Enter the LED snowboard developed by Nason Tackett, a computer engineer who also likes to experiment with different types of electronics and also an ardent surfer.

The motivation behind the LEd snowboard


According to Tackett, the idea struck him one day as he was surfing:

“When I was riding one day, I thought how cool it would be to have lights on my board. But not just any lights, they would change color, and not only that, they would change color based on board movement. And, well, it snowballed from there.” Says Tackett on his website.

How the light system works and other features

The board has a two highly flexible 100cm long LED strips, including a controller that is housed in a waterproof casing. The long strips of lights, then adhere to the board with a high bonding 3M VHB tape that is very adhesive and cannot fall off as the border surfs. Despite its high properties, the adhesive can be easily removed together with the lighting system, it holds together easily without damaging the boards’ surface.

The lighting system is powered up by a rechargeable long-life battery that can last up to 8 hours on a single charge, depending on the amount of movement and how the snowboarder operates. Weighing 1.25 pounds, the LED snowboard is light and can be carried around with ease.

Is the LED lighting purely for decorative purposes?

The lighting system has a single switch and can be operated by hand or foot, which lights it up and if the sensors do not detect any movement, the entire system goes into sleep mode to conserve power.

A snowboarder can personalize their lighting by choosing from a different variety of lighting sequences that are available, and this includes several motion-controlled lighting programs. Included is also a zero gravity detector which indicates when the snowboarder catches air for the intermediate and advanced surfers.

Safety is still #1

The LED Snowboard brings a certain aspect of convenience as surfing is not limited to daytime hours only. The lighting system enables a snowboarder to surf even at night. Safety is also critical as fellow snowboarders at night can easily spot each other hence reducing the risk of collisions on slopes. There is also the cool aspect of a snowboard lighting up and having sensors to illuminate different speeds that the surfer travels at.

Additional features

The LED snowboard comes with its unique charger that can be used with the US system of power as well as that of UK, Europe, and Australia. Also available is a provision to update any software that may be developed later with the delivery of a USB port to facilitate that.




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