We all take our cell phones everywhere. While these devices keep us connected to a world of technology and information, it also keeps us in constant contact with an entire world of germs and viruses we cannot always see.

Without really thinking about it, we find ourselves going through everyday life with our devices and we are constantly transmitting these germs and viruses to one another via these unsuspected carriers.

As much as we want to believe that simply wiping your cell phone off with a cloth or the end of our t-shirt makes a difference, it doesn’t. So what can we do to make sure we are taking our health into consideration and still able to use these communication devices of choice? The THYMOS GadgetCare seems to be the answer.

The THYMOS GadgetCare


The THYMOS GadgetCare is a quick, but long-lasting solution to unclean device surfaces. That’s part of what makes it perfect for our modern time. It isn’t a cloth, but a spray. The spray comes in a small travel-size tube and can fit easily in the bottom of your purse, in your backpack, or in your desk drawer.

The spray is a result of extensive medical research and testing from its parent company, THYMOS. THYMOS GadgetCare is the one and only solution that can kill MERS-CoV, H1N1, Coxsackie and Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens – all within a portable, pocket-sized bottle. According to THYMOS’ managing director, James CS Tan, “We listened and here we are. THYMOS is all about responsibility and love. Being clean should not just be responsive or reactive, it should be proactive.”

THYMOS proves they’re not just in the game to play it, but to make a great difference in the way we protect ourselves from potentially harmful germs and bacteria everyday.

How It Works

The lightweight THYMOS GadgetCare spray is easy to apply to any device. By simply spraying it onto the screen of the device, it sanitizes the screen for up to 365 days with just one single application. GadgetCare does not contain any alcohol or toxic chemicals, it uses only activated minerals.

100,000x smaller than human hair, it can penetrate all types of surfaces and form an invisible shield while ensuring safe skin contact for all users. GadgetCare also includes advanced anti-grease and anti-odor technology to take care of sweat-causing bacteria and greasy skin contact that could keep the screen from looking new and smelling fresh everyday.

The Future of Sanitation At Our Fingertips

With the advances THYMOS has begun to uncover with the development of GadgetCare, one could begin to believe we are at the cusp of some fascinating new discoveries in the world of sanitation and protection on such a minuscule scale.

THYMOS is also focused on keeping protection at your fingertips as well, so they will always keep the consumer in mind. Once released to the public, GadgetCare will have a price tag of around $60. This is not a heavy price to pay to ensure that you do not fall foul of some microbe or bacteria that has found a nice a warm place to set up home.

Thymos is offering anyone ordering now the chance to grab a Gadget Care spray for just $33. You can order straight from their Kickstarter page.



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