Research statistics show that only 28 percent of homeowners clean their houses daily. This is down 6 percent from the previous years. From such dropping numbers, one can only assume that this weird invention was created to improve those statistics.

Why vacuum shoes are so innovative

Research also shows that the average householder uses up approximately 90 hours every year in vacuuming their homes. To make life easier, a pair of shoes has been invented that allows the wearer to vacuum their house as they walk. Vacuums have evolved over the years with recent innovations in the market set to make sure a homeowner can actually clean their house with no or very little work involved.

How the shoe works

These vacuum shoes must have been inspired by the shoes that were worn in the 60’s and 70’s, popularly known as the ‘blocks’ or ‘platform’ shoes‘, and were recently showcased at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Nevada.


The shoes have a thick sole which can open up at the bottom where a small vacuum is placed. At the heel of the shoe is a little pedal which is connected to gears. As the wearer walks, the step action powers up the vacuum motor and allow it to suck up small pieces of dirt from the carpet, at a time. On the inside of the sole, there is a little dirt box that stores all the dirt, and since the bottom can be opened, the dust box can then be emptied.

The shoes were created by Denso motors and were as a result of an annual creativity staff contest that encourages its staff to get involved in new ideas to “foster their creative and innovative design concepts,” according to the company. Twelve finalists are then selected to represent the business in Japan. The Denso vacuum shoe was one of the finalists this year.

Features of the shoe

The sole of the shoe which has the vacuum has a rechargeable base which can be topped up with charge. The bottom is easily removable to access the dirt box and the space itself.  A laser sensor switches the vacuum on and off automatically to save on power.


Although critics say it’s on the cold side of innovation, the vacuum shoe has a lot of shortcomings, which unless improved, makes it an impractical cleaning ally. The shoe is massive, and the, design is not very attractive especially to a hip crowd. While the pump was designed to enable wearers to clean their homes subconsciously, it does not achieve that function as when the wearer just walks; it does not pick up much dirt. This means that one has to pick the spot where the dirt is, concentrated on it, and continuously pump the shoe there to get results.

A critic described as less of “vacuum shoes” and more of a “very weak vacuum hose with an inconvenient design.”

Chances of this innovation going into production is highly unlikely in its current form unless it is improved on.




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