Thanks to creative minds and ever-changing technology, we have some great inventions and gadgets out there. Now there is a growing niche for inventions that may make a huge difference in our everyday lives, even if they don’t seem that way at first glance. For instance, alcohol seems to be playing a huge role in the industry of gadgets and gizmos lately. Labfresh, an Amsterdam-based is throwing their hat into the ring with a new shirt designed to repel wine. The company is hoping to help change the clothing industry with its new smell and stain-resistant shirt.

The Labfresh ‘wine repellent shirt’

After this shirt is made, it is treated with INDUO technology, which Labfresh says helps block all liquids and the odor-causing bacteria that come with them. Although wine is the liquid-of-choice, there are plenty of others that have been tested by Labfresh. Olive oil, ketchup and sriracha sauce have all passed the test. Labfresh ensures that any liquid that spills onto the garment won’t stain, and is also easy to rinse off with water. In addition to the liquid experiments, the company has also tested the longevity of the shirt through over 100 hours of running, cycling, and everyday scenarios that may compromise the integrity of an untreated dress shirt.

The shirt has a classic design as well. It looks just like any other dress shirt, except this is one meant for wearing all day and to any occasion. The shirt has also proven to be tough and long-lasting so far thanks to Labfresh’s extensive testing. The company says after about sixty washes, the shirt had not lost its integrity and was still just as repellent as it was when it was first made.

Performance Meets Fashion

Over the past few years, there has been a big focus on performance wear. Companies have been working hard on creating performance garments that withstand sweat and odor. Now, companies like Labfresh are developing shirts like this one to start what some are calling “smart shirts” in the fashion industry. This may be just the beginning for using liquid-repellant technology for everyday wear. Labfresh seems confident. Petersen goes on to say, “If we can ‘fix’ shirts we can also fix easier items like socks and t-shirts. The ambition is to have a full collection of smart textiles, but for now we are focusing on creating a perfect flawless shirt that all our backers will love dearly.”

How Much Will This Shirt Set You Back?


Labfresh launched their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for developing and future sale of their new shirt. Within two days, they surpassed their goal by 300%. The shirts are available to order for $99 through Kickstarter, which includes taxes and shipping. A link to products can also be found on Labfresh’s website. Lab fresh is using quality material to help increase the way people buy clothing. They are aiming to steer consumers away from cheap clothing that doesn’t last, to buying higher-quality garments that are long-lasting.




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