John is a college student who passes through the college cafeteria every evening to do his assignments before heading home. He chooses the cafeteria because it offers free Wi-Fi for its customers and John can do Internet based research for his projects and tasks over a cup of coffee.

One day, though, John logged on, as usual, did his assignments and left, as is the routine. The next day as he powered on his computer, he realized that it had been infected with a virus. Three years of college work went down the drain just like that.

Free public Wi-Fi networks can be used to spread viruses by hackers, as well as, to get users personal information. The encryptions that come with Wi-Fi have proven to be ineffective and just like John; many people have suffered even worse damage at the hands of hackers who use Wi-Fi to terrorize users.

The Keezel router

This Keezel router is a new device that has hit the market and aims to secure public Wi-Fi spots such as those found in café’s, hospitals, airports, and hotels. The device protects against any viral infection, provides privacy which in turn gives the user peace of mind as one log into Wi-Fi anywhere, anytime.

How does it work?


It is very simple to use and does not require installation. All one has to do is switch on the Keezel device which is small and oval shaped, making it easy to carry around. It has only one button which is the power button. After that, one connects their device to Keezel, and the user’s device will find the Wi-Fi hotspot that Keezel has created by default.

The one goes to the browser and types Keezel, and all the networks available will appear. The user can then select their preferred system and go ahead and surf the net knowing one is protected. Keezel works with all devices that can access the internet.

Keezel features

With Wi-Fi protection Keezel ensures that the Wi-Fi provider or any other third party cannot monitor what one has been up to on the Internet, so privacy is guaranteed. It also ensures that the user has access to even sites that have been blocked, all over the world, and ensures that no hacker can gain access to your personal information, data or spread viruses across the network in use.

All of the user’s other devices are protected at the same time without any need for a tedious setup.

As it uses VPN technology, a user who travels often can access over 1250 VPN servers spread out over 160 countries. Another important feature of Keezel is that it allows users to charge their devices while on the go as Keezel is fitted with a powerful 8000+ mAh battery.

Streamers can also use Keezel

As the world has changed to an online one, it has become a necessity to protect our privacy, data, and personal information from getting into the wrong hands, and also to avoid an experience like John’s.




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