With the video game consoles on the market today, users are able to customize their own experiences when they sit down in front of their console-of-choice. The PS4 is no different. Here are 5 PS4 tips and tricks that you may not have heard of yet – but you’ll definitely want to give them a try!

Customize Your Home Screen

While some of us could argue the PS4’s default home screen is acceptable (maybe even awesome), for those of us that like to be different, there is a way to change the appearance of your home screen and menus.

For changing up your PS4’s look, just got to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Themes.’ You’ll find some options there. You can also download themes that are more your style from the PlayStation Store. This may take some searching, so using the ‘Find’ option may help.

Play PS Plus Games without Having to Download Them

Once upon a time, when Sony was into Totalitarianism, PlayStation Plus members had to download an entire free game just to play it. It was a waste of memory for some, and just plain annoying to others.


Now, however, you have an option to ‘Add to Library,’ which allows you to play a free game without having to download it.

This saves memory, and gives you the option to try out the game before committing to it. If you feel like you can’t live without it, you can always download it from your library at any time – just make sure your Plus membership stays active.

Enjoy Spotify While You Play

Nothing is worse than playing a game you really like and hating the soundtrack. So just create your own! Stream your Spotify app from your smartphone to your PS4 and voila! Now you can play your game and set it to your favorite playlist.

You can also control your music from your PS4 controller. Double-tap the PS4 button to change the volume level, and use your R1 button to skip songs.

Take Quicker Screenshots

Screenshots aren’t new to the gaming world, I know. You could use the ‘Share’ option that everyone has been using since the dawn of PS4 time, but that’s reserved for n00bs. There are a few more ways to take a screenshot (and record video).

You can hold down the ‘Share’ button, which will take a screenshot for you. You can also select the ‘Share’ button, press options, ‘Sharing and Broadcast Settings,’ ‘Share Button Control Type,’ then select ‘Easy Screenshots.’ This will make taking a screenshot much easier by simply pushing the ‘Share’ button.

Use Your Voice

Video games aren’t just reserved for your hands anymore. If you’re an avid gamer, then you have probably caught yourself screaming at the console or other players from time to time, right?

Well it’s time to use your voice for good! You can setup a mic via bluetooth or by hooking it up directly to the console. Once your mic is good to go, just begin your voice commands – here’s a list of some commands to get you started.

There are plenty of tips and tricks for gaming consoles, and people are continuously finding more everyday. Although you don’t necessarily purchase a console for more than a gaming experience, it’s nice to have more options to make your PS4 feel more like your own.
If you want additional tips and tricks, check out this YouTube video:




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