Chances are, your phone has become something of an extension of yourself. You might even be reading this on your phone right now. Regardless of how much you use it, even the best batteries don’t seem like they last nearly long enough, and you might find yourself charging it more than once during the day. What’s going on here? Time to reveal the ugly truth on what’s really destroying your smartphone battery.

But Before That…

Have in mind that the first mobiles were powered by nickel batteries, but the newer ones have lithium-ion —And Apple teach us why for free. Learning how to charge the mobile correctly is important to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.

Lengthen Your Battery’s Life

Showing up next, is a list of things you are doing wrong and are slowly killing your phone’s battery.

Exposing to high temperatures

Do not leave the phone exposed to the sun for a long period, strong heat sources or high temperatures, as the damage will be high for the battery.


In Android, the warming can be presented in several ways, that’s why there are some professional temperature monitoring and controlling apps at the Google Play Store to help.

Each hardware configuration reacts differently to the actions we take on our phones. Attempting to force high-end games on low-end phones can result in high heat and, consequently, a problem for the battery.

Monitoring the temperature during charging should be enough to avoid negative consequences on the battery.

Playing or streaming for long periods

Games kill your phone’s battery life; everyone’s so familiar with that, I’m not even going to talk about it (Your Candy Crush secret is safe with me.) In general, avoid long sessions of games or streaming on phones that do not have a computer too advanced and will overheat the device.

Charging it continuously

Performing unnecessary short-time charges is another factor that damages the batteries of mobile phones. Batteries have their own life expectancy and each charge weakens them in the long run.

It is advisable to carry loads of about two or three hours until the phone has recovered almost 100 percent of its energy.

Taking the battery to the minimum

Taking the battery below 10 percent is extremely harmful to the health of the battery. Turning the phone on when it is just turned off is a bad habit that can damage the minimum power that keeps the battery in order to function effectively.

Never turning it off

Come on! Calm down the fever and go out and have a life. It should be turned off from time to time, such as at night if not going to use, and even restart it in a timely manner.

This will contribute to stopping processes that are working in the background constantly (the activity of certain apps, Wi-Fi, GPS) and never give a breath to the battery.

So basically everyone including me is doing something wrong and then asking why, right? Maybe all we need is a battery that lasts for our whole life. Well, there’s actually one already, although accidentally created, that has power for 400 years! We must not be that far.





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