Officially released for the first time on August 22nd, 2016, the 7.0 or Nougat version Android developed by Google, was the seventh major version of the Android operating systems.

The OnePlus three smartphone, then came along riding on the 7.0 wave, and it was lauded for its affordability and features that were able to match the best in the market.

The Android 7.0 updates are now out, and they have very cool features that will definitely be a big hit for consumers. Here are some of the features and a few tips that will make your experience memorable.

Android 7.0 Tricks

“I am busy” feature

In the event you already have the Android 7.0 updates, there is a no disturb feature which is a first, and can replace the airplane mode found on other phones.


To view the rules that come with this amazing feature, one needs to go to the widgets on the home screen and add a settings shortcut widgets, and select Do-not-Disturb. Once that is done, you can now access the hidden menu of this feature.

Easy vibration

One can also switch to vibration mode in the easiest possible way by using the hardware keys of the phone. This can be achieved by setting the phone to silent mode and then tapping the keys on the pop-up menu which will then activate the vibration. Once this is done, any incoming call or notification will cause the phone to vibrate.

Split screen

There is also a multi-task or split screen feature where one can hold the new button while an app is running on the display. You then press the home button, and it launches split screen, and one can now launch another app to operate simultaneously.

To exit from this feature, one needs only to long press the home button again. This feature also allows you to drag and drop text whenever one is using two windows.

Special LED for vehicle charging

While charging, the LED notification light will turn blue if you are charging your phone in the car, regardless of which notification light you had chosen. This is important to note as one may think there is an error, but that is the way it has been programmed.

Switch off certain features to save power

Once you have downloaded the app, the GPS and rotation switch off automatically once you enable power saving mode. But this should not deter you as you can switch them on manually, while your phone is on energy conservation.

Crush reboot

In case an app starts malfunctioning after you have downloaded Android 7.0, you can try and clear caches and data so that the app can work efficiently. In case that does not work, uninstalling and re-installing the app should do the trick.

Better Screen to size resolution

Another point worth noting is that your screens dots per inch(DPI) settings will determine your home screen grid size and you can adjust by making display elements smaller or larger depending on your preference.

In the earlier version Google used the feature Daydream on its VR platform, this is now known as the screen saver in this latest version.




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