At night, is it better to turn off the mobile phone, to leave it in airplane mode or always on? One of the areas where mobile technology has had the most impact is undoubtedly on health. As a matter of fact, your smartphone is causing you sleep problems.

How Tech Is Killing Our Sleep

What happens to your body when you check your phone or your tablet before bedtime can be explained in one single word: photons.

So basically, you expose your eyes to photons. “Stay awake, do not sleep!” Yes, that is what the bright screen yells to your brain and body, according to Dr. Siegel.

Those companions, the first ones we see in the morning and the last ones we see at night! Sadly, they may be playing the role of your old bad influence school buddy – you know… that friend you knew your parents were not wrong about, but hung out anyway.


The rest of the story is obvious, the future ‘you’ of the next day is always really tired — Not to mention the Blue Light (same UV rays from the sun, but invisibles in our devices) that is harmful and negatively affects your eyesight.

Help Is On The Way for Your Smartphone Sleep Problems

Usually, willpower is not enough to stay away from our electronics. In case you are like the average addicted smartphone user, and need a little help to get your life back and find your sleep, below are some functions, applications and devices that can to help to improve the quality of your sleep, and you can once again have sweet dreams.

Functions, iOS

New ‘Bedtime‘ feature helps you get a proper night’s sleep: If you are already a lucky owner of Apple products, this tool is for free. As part of a greater focus on user health, they have introduced new alarms in iOS 10 for sleep, reminding users when to go to bed for a full night of rest, while also keeping track of their sleeping habits.

The new bedtime and wake alarms are found and configured in the native Clock app in iOS 10, with an all-new “Bedtime” tab. The app notes that going to bed and waking up at the same times every day are key to healthy sleep.

Sleep as Android, Android

Sleep As Android is possibly the most sophisticated and complete application of any existing one, but it is only available in the ecosystem of Google‘s mobile platform; both free and paid available.

This app goes far beyond tracking the stages of sleep, thanks to movement, and wake us up at the time of lighter sleep, but incorporates additional functions such as a snore detector (with a click to avoid them) or even sings lullabies and allows us to count sheep to sleep.

These are, in fact, a few of the many possibilities offered by this app. However, in its depth may be precisely its greatest enemy, since many users simply want to see how the dream is without major complications.

Kitchen Safe, Real life, ha!

Meet the Kitchen Safe, even when it was not actually designed for this but the kitchen, is fully applicable. Its highlights:

  • Featured on shark tank, helps to build good habits by locking temptations as your electronics and maybe your favorite candies in the kitchen safe.
  • The product is built from thick, sturdy, high quality, BPA free materials, container walls are very rigid and 3x thicker than typical containers.
  • The interface takes seconds to learn.
  • Can be locked for any amount of time between 1 minute to 10 days.

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Sweet dreams and have a good night, dear reader!

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