Due to a chronic health reason, my 9 year old son wasn’t in a position to join the rest of his peers in school. A trained teacher by profession, I have taken upon myself to put to practice my four years of Pedagogy training by home-schooling him.

Hopefully, this is a stop gap measure till he gets a clean bill of health. He has already lost valuable learning hours and its race against time to cover the ground. However, the constant disarrangement of the worksheets that I use to demonstrate and illustrate points to my son is clamping our rate of learning.

At times these worksheets disappear, never to be traced again.  Filing by stapling hasn’t been of much help. They rip off easily with the frequent act of opening and perusing the pages. Thanks to my fellow work mate (my better half), she sympathized with our situation and got us a binding machine.

I would hesitate to call it a machine. Its working principle is so simple and the finished product is amazing. However, through years of teaching, I have imparted knowledge that anything that makes work easier qualifies to be a machine.


Thanks to the Marigold 19-hole Letter Size Comb Ring Binding Machine, lost pages and juggled up worksheet is a thing of the past!

binding machine

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Product Description

If you are the type who plies his trade at home, runs a small office or simply an enthusiast of a presentable workstation, then the Marigold 19-hole Letter Size Comb Ring Binding Machine is a device worth having at an arms stretch.

For less than $55 bucks you will enjoy the freedom of customizing the punch margin of your documents (2mm to 8mm) depending on the bulkiness of the documents, unlike other spiral binding machines which have predetermined punch margins.

The workmanship of both the product and the resulting punched holes are near flawless. Fabricated with 19 distinct punch bits, it goes without saying you are bound to make high end 19 combs-esque punch holes on US letter sized paper. Time is of the essence and the marigold binding machine is fabricated to save time.

Its dynamics

With one push of the lever, you will be in a position to punch 10 sheets of paper weighing up to 20lb. It doesn’t stop there though.

The binding machine comes with 100 1/4″ ring combs. According to the chart, the size of these combs can bind together 20 sheets of paper.

The machine itself is capable of binding almost 230 sheets of papers together, however, you will need to purchase 1″ combs separately. Mathematically, we are looking at 100 neatly hemmed in documents each with 230 sheets at a paltry cost of 50 bucks. Yes, you read right. 23,000 sheets of paper hemmed in!

What Sells In the Marigold Binding Machine That You Should Buy

Check it out on Amazon

The prompt delivery of the marigold binding machine-two day shipping for Amazon Prime account holders for me is a plus. Pay up and get it delivered. That simple. What really checks my boxes about the Marigold binding machine is the ‘ease to use’ design.

With three basic steps in mind, you are good to go. No need to commit the steps in memory. It comes with an operating manual that is extremely easy to follow and can be used as a guideline when combing together multiple sheets of paper.

Towards that end, my three cardinal rules to operate this spiral binding machine are hinged on the desired margin depth (determined by the volume of sheets) manipulating the binder combs and sticking to the 10 sheets at a time.

Such a specific number!

Why ten? The machine is built to handle exactly that. Failure to stick to that, the force that you will exert on the handle during the punching process will result in the lever bending or breaking. The handle is made of plastic.

I would have loved the maximum allowed sheet of paper punched increased since repeating the process may get tedious. But again, you get exactly what is advertised! The paper binding machine is advertised for small office /light works such as school projects. For the price ear marked, I believe its value for money. Nothing comes close.

The Fellowes Star+ closely compares in terms of punching capacity but it’s floored by Marigold in the binding capacity realm. The icing on the cake is the free 100 ring combs spines that come with the purchase of the spiral binding machine. Stating the obvious, all you need is binding covers and voila! You are off to start making your own scrapbooks and presentation documents.

Take a glimpse of the video link below to learn how the Marigold 19-hole Letter size comb ring binding machine:

Any Points of Regrets?

At this point in time , the only thumbs down notion about the Marigold binding machine are the limited sheets of paper it can punch at ago and the fact that it can’t work with wire-o or Spiral Coil binding combs.

The beauty about it is that is that at no given time do the manufacturer insinuate it can deliver in such circumstances. The name tells it all: plastic binding comb machine. The solution to the wire or spiral coil binding combs lays in purchasing a specially designed binding machine with the required distance between to two holes (pitch).

The Bottom Line

Taking price into consideration, the craftsmanship of both the machine and the output of the punched papers, Marigold 19-hole Letter size comb ring binding machine as offered by Amazon is worth its weight in gold. Visit consumer reviews at Amazon to get to read more about the Marigold 19-hole Letter size comb ring binding machine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Marigold. The opinions and text are all mine.





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