With advances in technology and our growing internet-connected community, long gone are the days of doing things in person. Even sending birthday, anniversary or even valentine cards have joined the digital age. Now there are sites dedicated to sending any kind of greeting card to a recipient by just clicking your cursor.

These e-cards are sent via email, and usually display a hyperlink for the recipient to click and see or download the digital version of a greeting card. This has become pretty popular due to the instant communication between two people, the process is fairly simple, and it’s very cheap (or even free!) to send an e-card versus going to the store and mailing it yourself. You save time, money, and energy by opting  for the digital greeting card.

Since people obviously love sending e-cards free of charge, or for a very small fee, there are many companies that are starting to cater to this niche. Many sites offer premium options like customization, time of delivery, and more. We’ve found the best 3 e-card sites out there, and now we’ll share it with you. Here’s our countdown:

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3American Greetings Valentine cards

American Greetings made our list due to its wide variety of options and great pricing! The company has catered to the greeting card market for decades and joined the digital niche at the very beginning of the tech boom.

The site’s e-card library gives you a vast variety of occasions to choose from, anything from birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs and, most popular, Valentine cards. The site also lets you personalize your card in many ways.

For instance, I call my grandmother “Nana,” but I can never find that name on a greeting card. American Greetings gives you a list of popular names to choose from, and also lets you put in your own if it isn’t available.

The site is easy to navigate and very fast, which is great for anyone who has stood in the middle of the greeting card aisle for an hour trying to pick the perfect one. American Greetings is also a great way to send an e-card without breaking the bank. It costs a fraction of what a traditional mail-card would.

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