The season of love is in full bloom. In our tech-powered world, we want to find more ways to connect with our significant others. Since technology can get in the way of personal connection from time to time, many companies have introduced products to use tech to our advantage by staying in contact, being affectionate, and showing others we are thinking of them through the use of cool gadget gifts 2017.

Now we are able to maintain our personal relationships with the use of technology instead of letting become a barrier between us. Here are 5 gadget presents 2017 to impress your loved one:

5For the Photogenic Type

We all know at least one person that can’t go a single day without posting or sending selfies to everyone. They are talented, too. Some of these pictures should be on display, right? Who has time to get them printed, though? HP has a solution.

The HP Sprocket is a pocket-size printer for bringing your pictures to life on the go. This little printer is perfect for the camera-happy loved one to share their passion. The HP Sprocket is available for $129.99.

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4For the Bookworm

So she loves to read? Are all of her books towering on top of her nightstand waiting for her to shuffle through them again? the Amazon Kindle is a great e-reader, and it comes in different sizes and displays for every different type of reader.

You can shop through all of the digital versions of the books Amazon has to offer, and save room by having them all on one device. The Amazon Kindle starts at $59.99.

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3Great gadget gifts 2017 for the Constant Communicator

If you know someone who is always sharing information from their smartphone or sending emails and texts like crazy, there’s a simple piece of jewelry that can make their life much easier – and more fun.

The LYCOS Life Smart NFC Ring makes it much easier to transfer data like contacts, addresses, and other information with the simple tap of the ring. The ring stores whatever data you choose, much like a ‘copy/paste’ option on your smartphone, and then transfers the data to a friend’s phone or another application just by tapping it on the receiving device.

There are multiple colors to choose from, and the ring is also pretty stylish. You can get the LYCOS ring for $59.99.

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2For the Music Lover

Who doesn’t love listening to music? Everyone has a different taste or preferred genre, but at the end of the day, music brings everyone together. For some of us, we love to listen to our music privately. As we walk down the street, no one would ever guess there’s a dance party going on between our ears.

For that music lover in your life, the Rowkin Bit Charge gives you great sound while being completely discreet. Claimed to be the ‘world’s smallest wireless Bluetooth headphones,’ the Bit Charge fits anywhere, and is barely noticeable when in your ear. You can order the Rowkin Bit Charge starting at $129.99.

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1For the Foodie

Food and tech?! Oh yes! Many foodies love to cook – constantly. One problem we always run into, though, is getting messy. We love to pull up recipes and follow them as we create some yummy snacks and meals, but in the end, our tablets look like they were caught in a 3rd grade food fight.

The Sony Xperia Z tablet is the answer to our prayers. The 10.1 inch tablet is dust and water-proof, making it the perfect kitchen gadget. When you’re done with making a delicious mess, simply clean the tablet off under running water and it’s good to go for next time! The Sony Xperia Z tablet is available for $249.99.

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