Have you ever watched movies on Netflix and wished there was a similar streaming service available for playing games as well? GameFly aims to make this wish a reality with their site chock-full of the latest games cherry picked from a host of the most popular gaming consoles.

This game streaming service earlier efforts in the gaming industry took the shape of sending game rentals to subscribers in their mail, and with the exploding popularity of the internet, streaming video games online was the natural next step.

They’re offering a trial membership on their site right now for 2 months at $10 for 1 game, and $20 for 2 games. We took the trial run to see what this gaming service has to offer to gamers. Here’s what we found out.

gamefly streaming

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The Basic Setup


Gamefly offers games that play on Gamecube, Xbox, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PLaystation 4, Wii, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance, DS, 3DS PSP and Playstation Vita.

Needless to say, that’s a pretty impressive line-up of consoles to choose from. This game streaming service sends the game of the member’s choosing to his or her account in return for a monthly fee. The company claims to have more than 8000 titles added to their roster.

Quick and easy

To play games on the Gaming website, you’ll need a streaming device that carries the Gamefly app. We used a Smart TV for our review, but the website says Amazon Fire, TV and various other streaming media players are also supported.

You’ll also need a game controller that’s compatible with the app and a broadband internet connection between 5Mbps and 10 Mbps. WIFI and Ethernet connections, both work for using the site. If you’re using wifi, a 5 GHz router should help the game stream smoothly.

Subscribing to Gamefly was easy. Their app is available for free on streaming devices. We couldn’t find the app at first, but a quick search later it popped up on-screen. We opted for the trial run for a single game and choose Batman: Arkham City, because getting to play that beautiful game and call it ‘Work Research’ is one of the best parts of our jobs.

What Gamefly has gotten right in game play

  1. WIFI works at close to 9Mbps, on a good day, and that speed was good enough to be Batman without any annoying freeze frames getting in the way of punching Gotham’s worst criminals. We were able to get HD resolution on our screens, which is how Arkham City was always meant to be played.

2. The website interface is pretty easy to navigate. The site offers you game titles based on your previous choices. Games from every genre are available for playing, so there are many options to choose from.

3. An interesting feature is that you get to play any game you want for free up to ten minutes. Now, ten minutes might not be enough to get immersed in a gameworld, but it does give you enough time to get a feel for the look and texture of the game and decide if you want to play it further. Pretty useful when you’re browsing through 8000+ titles in search of something to play.

4. The app offers game packs for you to rent. While an all-inclusive game pack plan would have been ideal, Gamefly does the next best thing, where you can rent multiple packs in a month and gain access to a wider variety of titles.

5. The app provides the option of saving all your game progress in the cloud even if you unsubscribe from a pack. All the saved data will be waiting for you if you ever decide to get back in the game and re-subscribe.

6. The site is compatible with a wide range of controllers, from the Logitech310, F710 to the Xbox controller. You won’t have to hunt around online for days looking for a particular controller to play the game with.

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Some Concerns

1. Gamefly streaming service still has limited availability, so you may not be able to use the site if you do not live in America, Europe or certain parts of Asia. The company plans to expand into other regions in much the same way that Netflix did, but as of now their reach is fairly limited.

2. The website puts the list of games you wish to play in a queue in your account. The thing is, there’s no discernible priority system for the games you want to play the most. This means that even if your favorite game is at the number 1 position on the list, there’s no guarantee you’ll get it instead of a game that is lower down on the list.

3. It’s not available on every device. There are a lot of gamers out of there who’ll be attracted to the business model Gamefly offers, but they won’t be able to get the service because their TV set doesn’t support the app.

All in all, gaming streaming service delivers very well on what it promises. The number of titles offered for streaming is pretty large, with new titles being added every day.

Your net connection needs to be pretty strong to play the games without any latency problems, but that’s pretty much an unavoidable fact of the streaming technology itself rather than something the company can control.

Gamefly will find a lot of takers in the gaming world once it decides to further its global reach and make its service accessible on a greater number of devices.




  1. Your article is very misleading as you confuse Gamefly streaming with Gamefly rental services. “To play games on the Gaming website, you’ll need a streaming device that carries the Gamefly app.”…You can’t play anything on Gamefly’s website. The website is strictly for details about their services, and account management. To play games, you either must purchase their rental subscription service (for delivery of physical games or movies) or purchase the streaming service via an authorized device streaming device (Samsung TV, Phillips, LG, Amazon Fire, ect).
    Also, your entire write up on “What Gamefly has gotten right in game play” is about their streaming service. However, in your “concerns” section, the #2 point has nothing to do with streaming but is referencing the physical rental service.


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