We now live in a society that has become more conscious of what’s around us. The air we breathe, the need for a clean environment, and the possible dangerous particles we surround ourselves with have become a higher priority, especially over the last few years.

Around the world, many countries are becoming increasingly more aware of the damage done to our air over time. Global warming and other issues seem to be waking us up. In China, for instance, 60% of the population is calling for the government to hold environmental issues and clean air policies to a higher standard.

In the United States, where the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been hard at work since the 1970s, many great strides have been made to educate people to ensure a clean environment, but now clean air has become more personal.

Growing need for a clean environment in cities

clean environment

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Many cities still have a high amount of pollution due to factories, waste, and other causes. Since these cities are not ideal to live in because of the low air quality, companies like Plume Labs are taking it into their own hands.

They do this to help those that want to make a difference do just that. With their newest product, Flow,  the company is looking to give consumers personal devices to do their part in creating better air quality for themselves and other citizens.

Introducing Flow at CES this year, Plume was very vocal about how they want to change the world one person at a time. Is the Flow going to be as revolutionary as Plume suggests? Is this the way we can create a clean air bubble around ourselves?

How Flow Works

clean environment

Flow is like a little piece of magic that aims to achieve a clean environment. I personally got to see the demo and played around with the device a bit at this year’s CES, and I was pleasantly surprised at its functionality. At first glance, Flow looks like a miniature cow bell that attaches to your backpack. After seeing it in action, though, you learn what it’s really all about.

The device has small holes all the way around it, much like a portable speaker, in which air flows through for it to measure humidity, temperature, exhaust fumes, household toxins, and more.

This data is then relayed to Flow’s accompanying app for you to see what’s in the air around you. You can view the app’s data to plan your trip to work or your next bike route to ensure you are taking in the highest quality air possible.

What Flow Aims to Do

clean environment

Flow is a personal device. It is meant for the eco-conscious consumer that wants to surround themselves with the best environment and the least amount of pollutants possible. Flow lets you join a community of others by using your data to help map out your city’s best and worst air quality areas.

As more of this data becomes available and more visible to people, Plume hopes citizens will try harder to use less pollutants and create safer environments for generations to come.

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