Even though we all know it’s a headquarters for one of the most powerful and innovative companies in the world, it looks more like a spaceship or an Area 51-like compound. Nevertheless, the wait is finally over.

Apple has announced it’s new home, known as ‘Apple Park’, will be open to its employees in April of this year. After many obstacles, a few design changes, and even some major posthumous input from Steve Jobs, the new headquarters is just about ready to be unveiled.

What took Apple so long? Well, if we know one thing about the company that’s on track to hitting one trillion dollars in total revenue this year, it’s that they may take their time, but the finished product is always beyond what any of us could expect.

The Long Road to One Infinite Loop

Apple's New Campus


For starters, Apple was so passionate about this new campus that it gave it its own address – One Infinite Loop. Speaking of ‘infinity’, that’s how long it felt for Apple Park to come to fruition. Many setbacks and the occasional aerial views from overhead drones left us all on the edge of our seats since the first few renderings were shown in 2011. That’s six years, two CEOs, and 10 iPhone models, people! (also look at 12 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Apple iPhone 7)

Apple’s New Campus had several Setbacks

Like almost any other planned construction of a building, Apple Park saw its fair share of bad days. At one point, while fears of possibly going over the $5 billion budget, Apple tried to save around $1 billion by cutting back on some of the design details.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite possible when you have revolutionary curved glass panels not known in any other design, thousands of trees for landscaping, and many more details the company just couldn’t part with.

This back-and-forth dilemma costed the project a few months. This, along with other setbacks dealing with design changes and more caused delays with the new campus.

The Drones

Apple campus

It’s no secret that Apple’s new campus was exciting from the first moment we heard about it. In addition, knowing it was one of Steve Jobs’ last big passion projects at Apple gave it even more of a spotlight.

Beginning in late 2011, periodical videos and images of aerial views began being released on websites around the world. People were using drones to get the most detailed progress updates they could without trespassing.

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Apple Park’s Perks

One Infinite Loop may soon be the most popular address in Cupertino, if not the entire state of California. According to Apple’s announcement on their website, the most highly anticipated feature is the 1,000 seat auditorium built inside of a 20-foot tall glass cylinder dedicated to Steve Jobs. The theater will most likely be the location of Apple’s future keynotes and announcements.

In addition to the theater, the 5 million-square-foot compound boasts a gym for employees, a cafe open to the public, many entrances throughout the main building, and more. The campus will run off 100% renewable energy by using 17 megawatts of rooftop solar power, and is home to 9,000 native and drought-resistant plants to conserve water.

Of course we will have to wait and see exactly how awesome Apple Park will be, but I think we can all rest assured that it is going to be epic beyond proportions.



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