We all fidget sometimes. For some people, it’s merely an absent-minded habit, while for others it’s a compulsion they can’t control. There are many theories regarding why we fidget. One such popular theory is that fidgeting is a way of helping parts of the brain that get bored to be distracted so that other parts are able to focus on the matter at hand.  This led to the creation of the Fidget Cube,

The Truth About Fidgeting

fidgeting cube

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Whatever the reason, far from being an annoying habit, fidgeting has been proven to have several benefits. People who fidget, have been proven to have better cognitive learning ability.

Those who fidget also have faster metabolisms, a lower body mass index, and consequently better health. Even with so many benefits, the fact remains that fidgeting uncontrollably is often seen as a sign of nervousness or distraction, and is frowned upon. You can invite a lot of irritated stares from those sitting near you when you fidget, whether you’re clicking your pen, fiddling with your keys or tapping the surface of your smartphone.

Enter the Fidget Cube


This is where this cube comes into the picture. It’s a tiny vinyl desk toy that helps you fidget to your heart’s content without annoying others. The makers wanted to provide a way to use up all the excess energy that results in fidgeting in a fun and convenient manner.

So how do you use the Fidget Cube? Each cube has six sides, and each side carries features that are easy to fiddle with. There is a side which carries buttons you can click. Another side carries a glider which you can move smoothly around like you would a gaming joystick.

Yet another side carries a switch that you can flip back and forth. There’s a side which carries an impression of a worry stone you can rub to reduce anxiety. A rolling ball and gear on another side allows for all sorts of rolling motions. And the final side of the cube contains a dial you can spin to your heart’s content.

The Thought Process Behind Creating the Cube

fidgeting cube

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It’s the simplicity of the toy that marks its brilliance. The device is no bigger than the regular cubes used in board games and weighs just slightly more.

It comes in several color schemes that you can choose from. What it does is provide six different surfaces that carry all the features needed to satisfy any sort of craving to use your fingers, whether through spinning a dial, rolling a ball, switching a button etc. This helps reduce any stress that you may be feeling which leads you to fidget.

The makers of the device aim to use their toy to help fight the stigma attached to fidgeting. Various studies have been conducted on the benefits of fidgeting for improving concentration and cognitive learning abilities.

What becomes a distraction is when you unconsciously start searching for a pen, keys or other small objects to fidget with. With the fidget cube, you’ll never have to hunt for those type of objects again.

Once you’re sitting at your desk peacefully clicking away, dialing away, rolling away, or performing any other movement that strikes your fancy, you will have found a calming and satisfying method to expend your nervous energy, which, in turn, will help you to concentrate better on the work at hand.