Most of us have had experiences that we wish we could forget. even with some medical breakthrough in regards to permanent memory eraser may have some very big and very serious issues associated with it which. Despite their size and severity, are not always immediately apparent, though, so does time travel and immortality and a lot of people still want those.

Sadly, the notion of repressed memory is tenuous at best. Yes, there have been some cases that are seemingly, empirically verifiable, but it is still difficult to get rid of memories entirely short of massive and risky brain alteration resulting in dementia or amnesia.

Brain medical breakthrough

Though in this case the term ‘alteration’ would be more accurately described as irreparable brain damage. Brain damage is never a very good thing.

Fun maybe, at least in the process of attaining it, and interesting at least in some circumstances but still risky at least in all the ways currently used. Yet, as ever, in swoops Superhero Science to liberate us all the better forgotten instances of our lives with out major brain damage. As with most human based breakthroughs, it started with animals.


Specifically mice, whose brains are quite similar to humans, oddly enough. Conducting experiments that must have been hell to get ethics code clearance on, researchers located and isolated the neurons that control fear. No small task considering the fact that among the massive number of neurons that make up the human brain, only one or two are distinctively in charge of fear. The main, base reaction that is evoked when experiencing a bad memory.

Pick your brain

medical breakthrough

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But that’s ridiculous! How does knowing which neurons cause it help getting rid of bad memories? It is still brain damage!? Good point straw man critic, except, wait for it now, while there is, technically, brain damage, it is done with laser sharp, pin-point accuracy.

It does not even take any cutting or burning really. Not in the usual sense. Unlike the medical breakthrough brain surgery in the usual sense, the newly found process uses genetic manipulation to target the few fear neurons who cause and control the fear reaction to get rid of them entirely.

Fix me

In addition to wiping out memories one would rather not have, despite the risk of personality change, memories and experiences being a key element in personality formation, it cane be used to zap away almost any neurologically based issues such as addiction.

Not humans yet sadly but cocaine addiction in mice, it is likely best not to ask too many questions about how they knew the mice were cocaine addicted, has been shown to be wiped out using the same procedure.

How to make a hooligan


medical breakthrough

Truthful lies: This form of deception is as damaging as blatant lies

As with any great and wonderful advancement for humanity and medical breakthrough, there are, of course, nervous nellies pointing out that there might be some drawbacks and ‘ethical concerns’ about the procedure, particularly were it to be applied on a ‘commercial level’. ‘Memory Wipes On-Demand’ if you will.

Not only are there possible questions about consent, making sure that people are not getting their memories wiped on a whim, there are also questions of safety and sanity to consider. This ‘issue’ hinges on the fact that it is the fear neurons that are being tampered with.

One only need to look to the history of football hooliganism in Britain for an example of how this can go wrong. Particularly the case of the ‘firm’ supporting Burnley F.C. who often went up against much larger groups, often being out numbered up to three to one with no apparent fear. Something which earned them the nickname ‘The Suicide Squad’ in 1983.



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