Internet and technology: both universes full of wanderer millionaire ideas waiting to be discovered or removed from the oven.

A golden time for the motivated, geeky entrepreneurs, those innovators bringing some excellent and useful ideas —like a yoga mat plus leggings who speak or a portable heart implant in a backpack— that improve our lifestyle, and who cannot be nicknamed other way than in capital letters with glitters and champagne included around the techie hall of fame.

On the other hand, a never ending battle about shaking things up between the already giants on top of the mountains and skyscrapers of the geeky-land. Those who have the reputation, and I’m not talking about small towns but the whole planet. The emperors of kingdoms like Amazon, Google or Apple.

Is it possible for us mortals to figure there? The opportunities are out there, is just that everybody wants a fast pass and it is an ant job.

How The Brightest Do It


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So reinventing is a key in the non-stopping train of tech, and the wisest never stay in their comfort zone when conquered new fields, by contrast, they keep walking on.

For sure, at the very beginning, Mark Zuckerberg must have had got really excited about its small social realm for Harvard students and couldn’t envision how a big player he would become in the revolution, that is the Internet and Technology.

In that moment, he was not even thinking about the high of the mountain, and is clear that if he had conformed to, right now we were not able to find our old school friends to see how their lives are going upon Facebook, not to mention that perhaps he never had turned into one of the most millionaire humans on the globe. Even then, he and his team keep on working on innovating as if the top were located infinity and beyond.

The hint have been given: of course a king can be dethroned, what is needed is patience, determination, and good friends —To have fun with on parties and, most important, to collect the best groundbreaking ideas that lead all to the successful path!

The Hunger-net Games: Let The Games Begin!

internet and technology

Well, actually, as revolutionizing have been something flowing through the blood of the most successful social networks since their launching, the games surely started since one of them seemed to be a threat to another. Let’s just take a look at the current trendy battles among the greatest.

Internet and Technology: Facebook Vs. Youtube

facebook vs youtube


When we talk about the first one, the first thing that comes to the mind is our friends. When we comment on the second one, doubtless the coolest recent music or most fun video footages is to which we associate it.

How could a place where we enjoy short films could be competing against the friendly spot about friendship on the web when they have so little in common? A single fresh word: streaming.

Snapchat Vs. Whatsapp

WhatsApp Vs Snapchat

A battle which on first place where between the yellow ghost and Instagram, have been so polemic that people think everyone has plagiarized the real-time interactive short video stories concept of the platform, inviting now the party the popular text app introducing their status stories feature.

What do you think will be the next battle in the Internet and Technology for the first place or which one is the weirdest digital fight you can relate? Just let us know in the comment box, I know there must be more strange, funny, and random scrambles over the web!