I ply my trade in the retail warehouse. Anyone with a slight experience of such working conditions will concur with me that the store is akin to an expansive box with limited light penetration with an LED Flashlight being my best option for illumination.

With a job description that entails moving orders up and down the warehouse, which is located deep down the ground, shadows and dark spots are a common phenomenon. The matter is made worse by the unforeseen natural calamity that may take out the power supplies. What you call SHTF! 

How you deal with the subsequent black out is key. Two options are at your disposal: either choose to panic and lay down your tools or switch on your flashlight and carry on as if nothing just happened.


If you can relate to the aforesaid mundane event of power outages that may be triggered off by hurricane or flash floods, then EcoGear FX Tactical LED Flashlight (TK120) is a product worth to have a look at by any prudent individual.

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Product Description

This light source is designed to illuminate the dark. Boasting 1200 lumens, TK120 literary slices through the pitch dark moonless skies. To put it into perspective, you are looking at an impressive beam of light shining through a distance of over 700 feet.

An auto –mechanical breakdown occasioned by a tire burst in the middle of nowhere shouldn’t be a problem repairing in the dark. Built with a zoom, focus lens ability, the TK120 LED Flashlight comes in handy when you need to view distant objects in details. If you are still in doubt about this, consult a night guard or game hunter approaching a potential target. Missing is not an option! Target visibility is key.

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It’s a weapon fashioned in light form. How is that even possible? The TK120 comes with five light modes. The strobe light option is designed to momentarily title the balance to your favor in times of self defense.

The LED Flashlight interferes with the security threat ability to interpret visual reception causing short time blindness. Other than the strobe mode option, the SOS option may come in handy during distress call periods. The beauty about the EcoGear FX TK120 is that it commits to memory the last light mode that you set it on. No need to reconfigure it the next time you use it.

Salient Features of the TK120 LED Flashlight

The craftsmanship is a selling point. Fashioned out of aluminum alloy, the TK120 is virtually made to withstand damages occasioned by drops and scratches. Weighing a mere five ounces, it should be a light weight product to move around with. Running out of candles at the dinner table? Rest easy- TK120 comes with a flat bottom surface, making it easy to mount on a flat surface to mimic a candle!

You can purchase the TK120 packaged with a pair of rechargeable batteries (3.7V 18650 battery) together with a rapid battery charger. Needless to say, this is a battery powered device.

Otherwise there is another option where you purchase the flashlight alone and purchase three AAA sized batteries to provide the power source. There is an additional sleeve for the 3.7V 18650 battery that will provide the maximum lumens this little flashlight can handle. It is ideal to use the 3.7V battery, but the AAA batteries suffice just fine.

The spotlight voltage design is meant to prolong the life of the CREE T6 LED (lighting bulb) mechanism. Guaranteeing up to 50,000 working hours! Truly built to last.

Going late night fishing or afraid of being caught out in the dark rainy nights? In the TK120, you have a water resistant light source. Go ahead and explore the dark rainy nights without fear of damaging the spotlight.

Any Points of Regrets?

LED Flashlight

For the price that TK120 retails, it’s an uphill task to fault on what it has to offer. Having said that, I find the product comes with little to hardly any instructions on operating the device. Setting light modes and battery sizes should be conspicuously displayed in the casing.

Similar sentiments have been echoed by other Amazon customers. This should not cause you problems now that you have gone through this article. The correct battery size has been exhaustively described.

Parting Shots

Truth be told, TK120 is punching above its weight in relation to the product property vis-à-vis the product cost.

For just under 20 dollars, you will be in a position to enjoy the accoutrements of a light weight spotlight with the ability to produce 1200 lumen of bright light with five light operations.

Designed to last under extremely harsh conditions, I will strongly recommend it for camping enthusiasts as well as security and general home users. Feel free to get a deeper insight of what other users have to say about TK120 before you place your order at Amazon.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by TechDigg on behalf of EcoGear. The opinions and text are all ours.





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