This one is for you, dear gamers! We all know the struggle: to have a super funny video games console but not being able to share it but with just a couple mates. For those who only desires to have one million friends as it says the old Brazilian song, Nintendo Switch will allow for at least ten players on one network, which I’m sure is more than what we were asking for!

Surprise? Get ready for more, as it seems Nintendo is not stopping soon with. By now, start wondering who would you like to invite to this Switch party, a massive multiplayer appealing offer that even the giants of the market like PlayStation4 and Xbox One cannot give, the LAN Play feature.

Nintendo Switch Kicker: 1 – 2 – Switch!

Nintendo Switch

So Nintendo Switch is already official, and we all have seen its aspect. An innovation as spectacular as its concept of a versatile, hybrid system, that allows it to be used both as a desktop console connected to the TV and cordless to travel with it.


Among other wow factors, 1-2-Switch is a pioneering video game, as it invites players to stop watching the TV to play, but do it face-to-face —Three thousand four hundred parents Likes this, for saying a random amount, ha! Thumbs up for the rebranded entertainment gadget.

This collection of simple Nintendo Switch multiplayer mini-games aims to demonstrate the innovative uses of the Joy-Con, the removable Switch controls. This title would be the equivalent of what was Wii Sports on Wii at the time, a casual game that demonstrates the possibilities of the console, but now in a revolutionary way.

The Final Countdown: Switch Catalogue


I’m pretty sure you cannot wait, because being honest, it’s been a long wait –if not the longest one– and Nintendo did know how to become attractive. However, to make nicer the rest of your standby, let me unveil a bit more of what else will be available —Some of them for next 3 March; not so much days left, we count them with just one hand, yeah!




This new fighting game will also offer gesture control thanks to the Joy-Con removable controls. The player can customize his boxer and fight by throwing punches at the opponent. Will be available in March.


Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo Switch

Nothing like the classics, they have had always taken us to that highlighted enchanting part of our childhoods —And even some adulthoods!

Without a doubt, a great surprise has been the first trailer of the new game of Super Mario. On this occasion, Nintendo‘s mascot returns with a 3D platform game that regains the scale of the most ambitious deliveries of the saga.

Our dear Mario will have new skills, such as his cap, which will be able to become an improvised platform. Its launch is scheduled for later this year, but that seems to be worth waiting for.

Another traditional Mario and friends adventures will also come with the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but sooner: April!


Splatoon 2

One of the targets of the ten multiplayer party brings back the game in an engaging style: 2 years have passed since the game arrived, and also have spent two years in the match. In this way, everything we saw and played returns or evolves, presenting new characters and situations, but taking as a starting point what is seen in Splatoon.




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