Some may get crazy when the noisy ambulance siren sounds. It is as if we were just talking about a loudspeaker that leans out on the edge of the ear of someone and shoots the buzz straight to the eardrum. I admit it, even reading it disclose an uneasy scenario, though.

OMG! Here Comes the Ambulance, What Do I Do?


So what follows on the story, the assimilation phase for who is driving, may turn into several new backdrops: a new catastrophe because of wondering if better accelerate or stopping; the typical paralyzing reaction; other ambivalent that knows they have to step apart but… Which side, right or left? Among countless others.

There included, that awkward moment when you are in front of a huge red shining traffic light, and you have to choose if getting a fine, keep yourself and whoever is on board safe, or just ignore the annoying sound —which is not usually an option, since on emergency situations even the coldest being tries to cooperate.


Ok, don’t panic! —Anymore. There are more and more traffic lights with radar and cameras designed to promote a safe circulation, but what happens when we are standing at a red light, and an ambulance is coming?

Are You There, Technology?

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Regrettably, technology is still not a God so it can be anywhere, anytime. However, the traffic and road situations have been considered by experts and have been evolving, maybe at a slow pace for my preferences, but still doing it, from apps to gadgets, or otherwise we could not request a cheap Taxi as fast as nowadays with tools like Uber.

So depending on your location, the magic —as I love to dub the simple impacts of tech— may be happening on the ambulances of your town or the traffic lights. A few ways these works are:


  1. Infrared strobe. Most modern signals have what are also called Opticoms on them. You may not even notice them, even though you pass by them daily. So there is a strobe box that has an infrared light in it that the stoplight sees and turns green.
  2. Sirens. Some lights “listen”  for sirens and can change once a certain decibel is reached.
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Nonetheless, don’t get surprised that shortly some of the automotive giants launches some sort of smart ambulance, some vehicle like the Mercedes Vision Van concept showed recently at CES 2017, an all-electric bizarre and futuristic reimagining of the commercial cab with many forward-thinking technologies onboard including drones found on the roof which automatically fetches and deliver packages.

As you probably did suspect, it is just an assignments automobile. Really? Will an advanced delivery vehicle go out the market before a futuristic ambulance? Topsy-turvy world.

Let’s just not judge too much and pray for tech developers to not forsake us in the middle of the motorway, and remember that there is needed some attention in the whole traffic ambiance as well.

Why So Serious?


In the meantime, speaking about light signals and bizarre advances, let’s just laugh at ourselves: are smartphones turning us into zombies? At least they are appealing the attention of professionals which instead of working on traffic light innovations are concerning and in charge of pavements. Trying to keep smartphone-addicted safe: people won’t stop staring at their smartphones, so a Dutch town put traffic lights in the streets, ha!